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If a will is deemed invalid how will the property be divided?

Answer . If the will is deemed invalid by a court, there are two possibilities. One is that there was a previous will, which will then become the valid will.. If no prev ( Full Answer )
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What happens after my car is deemed totaled?

Answer . The insurance company will determine the acv (actual cash value) of your vehicle in pre loss condition. They will tell you this amount and if you disagree you wil ( Full Answer )
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What is the advantage of joining in deemed university?

A deemed university has many specific features. They are improved quality of education, higher job opportunities, better on campus facilities, state-of-the-art technology and ( Full Answer )
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A sentence for deem?

I hope that the Queen will deem my actions here today worthy of her attention.
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Who was deemed a heretic?

A: . Until the time of the Reformation, it was easy for most people in Western Europe to define a heretic. He was someone who was not obedient to the Catholic Church. With th ( Full Answer )
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When is ankle replacement deemed necessary?

My father is having this done, in his situation it is due to degenerative arthritis that cannot be helped by pain medication or any type of cortisone or gel injections. The an ( Full Answer )
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What is deemed kosher?

Any food that is prepared according to the rules of kashrut. Kosher can also be applied to non-food items including clothing.
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What is a 'deeming provision'?

A deeming provision is like a legal "fiction'. These are inserted in a statute to make interpretation of the statute easier. But a deeming provision or legal fiction can not b ( Full Answer )
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Is singhania university a deemed university?

NO...this is not a deemed university...its a regular university. Singhania University is recognized by UGC under section 2f of UGC act 1956, the university has been esteblishe ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of DEEM data processing?

it is face job. check the link below pleas. If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't !!!.
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What is deemed sales?

Deemed sales are those which are not really "sales" but have been deemed as sales. For instance, leasing and hire purchase transaction, works contract, transfer of right to us ( Full Answer )
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What is actual meaning of deemed university?

It is autonomous in the sense of setting its own educational agenda (courses, syllabus, teaching methodologies etc.) . It is administratively autonomous in the sense that it ( Full Answer )
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What is deemed export?

An export of technology or source code ( except encryption source code) that is "deemed" to take place when it is released to a foreign national within the country.
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Is lovely is deemed university?

No LPU is not a deemed university .LPU is self-financed state University recognized by UGC which is above the status of deemed university
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When were cigarettes deemed unhealthy?

It isn't nicotine that causes the cancer, although that certainly will raise your blood pressure. It's the TAR in the cigarette that's the dangerous ingredient plus the many U ( Full Answer )
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What does 'deemed to be in default' mean?

It means you have not complied with the terms of a contract, for instance, you have not made the scheduled payments on a loan.
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What is deemed profit?

You have to pay corporate tax for the profit you could have made (In China)
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What is the meaning of shall deem?

It can mean something similar to 'be taken to mean' or 'taken to be'. An example would be if a person was only a day off their 20th birthday a law might deem this to be 20. ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word deem a sentence?

To deem means to judge, estimate, or regard. Here are some sentences. . I deem that the time is right for action. . Do you deem the cookies ready to come out of the oven? ( Full Answer )
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When does a physician deem surgery necessary?

Only after a physician has taken the condition and symptoms into account with a complete evaluation of alternatives, will surgery be judged to be necessary
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What is a deemed prospectus?

When the offer is made through ISSUE HOUSES , the document issued by them should contain the requirements of prospectus . the offer document is known as deemed prospectus
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Is a POA deemed liable?

The Power of Attorney has a fiduciary duty to the grantor. If they mismanage funds or make poor decisions they can be held liable.
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Why are microkernels deemed more secure?

The microkernel also provides more security and reliability, since most services are running as user-rather than kernel-processes. If a service fails, the rest of the operatin ( Full Answer )
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Why would a house be deemed unlivable?

For health reasons such as being filthy and full of garbage, not having running water or proper drainage, no functioning sanitary facilities, insect and rodent infestations, s ( Full Answer )
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Is LPU deemed university?

LPUis an independent self-financed state university establishedthrough punjab state legislation andapproved by UGC. There are two kinds of universities one is a Stateuniver ( Full Answer )
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Is rich deem a famous scientist?

Rich Deem is not a scientist. He is a creationist propagandist witha website and a keyboard.
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How do you use deemed versus deems?

deemed is the past tense of deem . Use deemed when you are talking about something that happened in the past: The CEO deemed the trials a success. deems is the third ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms for the word deem?

Common synonyms are hold, consider, regard, view as, take for (verb).. Synonyms: accommodate, book, retain, moderate, view as, support, apply, hold back, harbour, defend, tak ( Full Answer )
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Is this sentence correct they have deemed waived?

That's not a sentence. It's a fragment. To know if it's correct we'd have to see the rest of the sentence; if there is no rest of the sentence, then no it's not correct, b ( Full Answer )
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When did Deem Bristow die?

Deem Bristow died on January 15, 2005, in San Diego, California, USA of heart attack.