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Does Paula Deen wear a wig?

No, she wears clip in hair pieces and tons of product and has her hair professionally styled and it looks way better and different than it did when she first started.
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How much does Paula Deen weigh?

As of January 2012, Paula Deen has not revealed how much she weighs to the general public.
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Who was Job deen?

job deen was the first basque explorer to have found Ireland in the year 500 bc
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Where does Paula Deen get her bracelets she wears?

Paula Deen get's a lot of her jewelry from Levy Jewelers in Savannah. Also she loves bling by Charles Krypell from New York, which is sold at Levy's. This is where her engagme ( Full Answer )
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Does Paula Deen smoke cigarettes?

Yes, she admitted it to Larry Kind and has been seen smoking outside her restaraunt; The Lady and Sons.
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Who is Tahj Shamsid-deen?

Tahj Shamsid-Deen is 5' 7" point guard who attends Columbia High school in Dekalb County, Georgia. He plays for the Atlanta Knicks and Gt Stars, he is known his clever passes, ( Full Answer )
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Who is Adam Deen?

Adam Deen is an international public speaker on Muslim Apologetics. A former Islam channel presenter and intellectual activist who has been working in the field of Muslim apol ( Full Answer )
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What is the real name of the native deen?

Native Deen came about through M.Y.N.A. or Muslim Youth of North America, "Deen" in Arabic means religion or way of life. The group identifies themselves as Muslim, and wear t ( Full Answer )
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Is Paula Deens haircolor natural?

No She uses a Paul Mitchell Frosted Silver Hair Color very elegant color for her.Matches her skin tone very well!
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When did Paula Deen go to school?

Paula Deen was born in Albany, GA and graduated from Albany High School in 1965.
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What breed of dog does Paula Deen have?

Bodine is a purebred Shih-Tzu. I have one that looks exactly like him! Paula Deen's newest dog is a Havanese puppy
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How did Paula Deens parents die?

Paula Deen's father died in 1966. He had a blood clot around a valve of his heart that went to his brain. Paula Deen lost her mother four years later from bone cancer. Paula ( Full Answer )
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Is Jamie Deen married?

As of 2011, Jamie Deen remains happily married to Brooke Terry Deen. Together the couple has two sons named Jack and Matthew.
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How did Paula Deen become famous?

Paula Deen became famous by her restaurant The Lady and Sons became known. Once it hit popularity, she wrote a cook book called "The Lady and Sons Savannah Country Cook Book." ( Full Answer )
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How many husbands did Paula Deen have?

I think she had two husbands. One was Jimmy Deen, they have two kids, but then divorced. And the other is Michael Anthoney Groover.
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Does Paula Deen have a daughter?

Yes, she has two daughters, Carolyn is 35, Cynthia is 38 plus three sons Jamie, Bobby and Cedric
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How did Paula Deen cook die?

Paula Deen did not die it was probably just a rumor but she is healthy and at age 63.
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Where did Jamie Deen go to college?

Georgia No, Jamie Deen didn't go to Georgia. He's a walk-on alumnus, poser,wannabe. Check the alumni directory if you graduated and haveaccess.
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Where is Paula Deen candles?

Paula Deen Candles are made by MVP Int. based here in Charleston SC. The company makes candles for several groups or companies. They are sold by various retailers. I myself bu ( Full Answer )
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Is Bobby Deen engaged?

At this time, Bobby is dating Katy Nixon. Any news of an engagement has not yet been released to the public.
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Who is imam W. Deen Mohammed?

1. the people who come to pray. 2. the imam, who leads the prayer. there aren't really many other people involved or not that i can find anyway .
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Does Deen Castronovo have any daughters?

He sure does have at least one daughter. I went to school with her at Sputhern Oregon University. Can't remember her name off the top of my head but we lived in same dorm and ( Full Answer )
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Did Paula Deen have lapband surgery?

No , she did not have lap band surgery. She cut her portions in half and began walking for 30 minutes every day. She became more physically active. Lap band surgery is for a r ( Full Answer )
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When is Paula Deen on the Food Network?

Paula Deen's contract with Food Network was terminated on 21 June2013. She no longer appears on the television network.
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Is Paula Deen a chef?

She is a cook. I do not believe she formerly went to culinary school. She got her start in the food business by starting a catering company from her house and then she expande ( Full Answer )
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When did Paula Deen have cancer?

Paula Deen did not publicly acknowledge that she had any type of cancer. She does currently have type 2 diabetes.
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What year did Paula Deen have cancer?

Paula Deen did not publicly acknowledge that she had any type of cancer. She does currently have type 2 diabetes.
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Is Paula Deen a racist?

In June 2013, Paula Deen admitted to using the n-word and shediscussed a southern-style plantation wedding for her brother wherethe staff were middle-aged black men, as if to ( Full Answer )
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Will Paula Deen get another show?

Paula Deen is talented, pretty, famous, and a darn good cook, soI'd say the chances of her getting another show are pretty good.
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Is deen-Disney their last name?

Deen is the maiden name (given to the woman at birth because it's her father's last name) Disney is her married name (the last name of her husband)
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What has the author Shamshu Deen written?

Shamshu Deen has written: 'Lineages and linkages, solving Trinidad roots in India' -- subject(s): East Indians, Genealogy
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What has the author Rosemary Deen written?

Rosemary Deen has written: 'The common sense' -- subject(s): Essay, Report writing, Rhetoric, Exposition (Rhetoric), English language 'Naming the Light'
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What has the author Helga Deen written?

Helga Deen has written: 'Dit is om nooit meer te vergeten' -- subject(s): Concentration camps, Correspondence, Diaries, Dutch Personal narratives, Holocaust, Jewish (1939-19 ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Deen Dayal written?

Deen Dayal has written: 'Raja Deen Dayal' 'Princely India' -- subject(s): Pictorial works, Kings and rulers, Court and courtiers