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How can a guy deepen his voice?

Answer . Yes you can, your voice is not 'fixed', that is simply not true. You can learn to speak through different variations of using your vocal cords. For example:. Yawn ( Full Answer )
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How do you extend or deepen an interior door jamb?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou can buy what is called an Extension Jamb for most doors at your local building supply store. If you cannot find one the thickness you need, ( Full Answer )
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How do you deepen your voice?

Unless you consider some risky hormone treatments, there is nothing that will deepen your voice. Your voice will naturally deepen as you go through puberty. The deepening is d ( Full Answer )
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How do you deepen the Motorcycle Exhaust notes?

As a rule of thumb a larger head pipe diameter would deepen the exhaust note on most motorcycles. A more simple solution that would also help maintain peak performance would b ( Full Answer )
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When will your voice deepen?

usually by the time you hit high school or shortly after or before (give or take a year or two)
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How do you deepen a lacrosse pocket?

Loosen your sidewall strings and your string at the bottom of the stick. Push a ball in as deep as you need it and wedge something in there to hold the ball in (a piece of woo ( Full Answer )
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At what age does a boy's voice deepen?

There is not an exact age for what age boys voices deepen, because we all go through puberty at a different time. Approximately, boys voices deepen around eleven through aroun ( Full Answer )
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At what age does a girl's voice deepen?

Well I would say your voice stops being high pitches at 8 but gets deep at maybe 14 or around your early teens but it all depends on family
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How can you deepen voice?

There are some limits to what can be done. The reason your voice is lower in the morning/hungover/when you're sick is because the vocal folds are a little thicker then. As you ( Full Answer )
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Why didnt Michael Jackson's voice deepen?

It did, slightly anyway, he occasionally slipped back into his "natural" voice a few times over the years. Lisa Marie and David Gest have said they have no idea why he spoke i ( Full Answer )
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How do you naturally deepen your voice?

Attempts to deepen your voice may cause damage to your vocal chords. You might lose it altogether. -------------------------------- But if you really want to deepen ( Full Answer )
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How do you deepen dimples?

You can't actually make dimples deeper, but you can give the illusion of them being deeper by using a dark shading make-up or powder. Apply the darker color in the dimples, bu ( Full Answer )
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When did Daniel Radcliffe voice deepen?

it broke during the chamber of secrets (Radcliffe told veritaserum in a 2004 interview) but you couldn't hear because it didn't go up and down. In the prison of azkaban you ca ( Full Answer )
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Does girls voices deepen?

When you are having sex? No it doesn't change at all. . Guys voices usually deepen when they go through puberty. Girls also go through physical changes that change the qualit ( Full Answer )
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How can you deepen the faith of an individual?

This is my short statement on how to deepen faith to others. Through prayer and fasting and supplication on a persons behalf. For the effectual fervent prayer avails much (J ( Full Answer )
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What deepened roman antagonism toward Christianity?

In the early days of Christianity, many rumors spread through Rome about the faith. Most of them were based off of misconceptions. The idea was spread that the Christians w ( Full Answer )
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Why does steroids deepen a womens voice?

Exogenous use of steroids (steroids that are not made in her own body), can cause her to exhibit male secondary sex characteristics, including a deeper voice, loss of breast t ( Full Answer )
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Why does steroids deepen voices?

Certain types of hormones, androgens, do have the ability to deepen the voice. This is because they act like testosterone in the body. This is the hormone that triggers the tr ( Full Answer )
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How do you deepen your lacrosse pocket?

If you don't know how to loosen sidewall strings then you can soak your head and mesh in hot water. Then wedge a ball in the pocket as deep as you like using a pencil or knife ( Full Answer )
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How is human capital deepened?

Human capital is the attributes of a person that are productive in some economic context. Good health and education can deepen human capital.
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How do you use the word deepen in a sentence?

She wanted to deepen her relationship with her boyfriend, but shewould not compromise her values to do it. They wanted to deepen the lake, so they called a professional.
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What is financial deepening?

Financial deepening usually refers to the improvement or increase in the pool of financial services that are tailored to all the levels in the society. It also refers to the i ( Full Answer )
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Can you deepen your belly button?

yes the navel can be deepended by puting in it masterd oil with a pushing massage
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Why does the male voice deepen at puberty?

When testosterone is released during puberty, it stimulates the vocal chords to stretch, or lengthen, causing your voice to deepen.
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Why does the voice of boys deepen when they reach puberty?

It is caused by the hormone testosterone which increases in boys asthey go though puberty. Girls have much less testosterone, so theirvoices do not deepen as much As boys gro ( Full Answer )
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What is the word deepen mean?

The word deepen means to cause to become more deep. For example, if you have a hole that is five feet deep and you dig it out so that it becomes six feet deep, you have deepen ( Full Answer )
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How can you constantly deepen nourish your faith?

There are many ways through which you can constantly deepen nourish your faith. This can be achieved by hanging around people of the same faith. Audios, videos and books are a ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun form of deepen?

The noun forms for the verb to deepen are deepener and the gerund, deepening .
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Deepening - 2006?

The cast of The Deepening - 2006 includes: Ted Alderman as Ted Angela Carnegie as Cindy Andrea Collins as Bartender Debbie D as Waitress Maria Kil as Sabrina Lanee Landry as S ( Full Answer )