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How do you get your ex back when you cant get over them n deff. want them back?

Just tell him/her! Tell him/er that you can't forget about when you were together. Unless s/he already has a new boy/girlfriend, go for it. Maybe they feel the same way but di ( Full Answer )
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What is the deff of anthracite?

Anthracite is metamorphosed bituminous coal, a coal with the highest percentage of carbon of the coal varieties.
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What does deff yer up mean?

This would normally be 'Duff you up': to 'duff up' means to give someone a beating.. The idiom should not be confused with 'up the duff' - which means 'pregnant'.
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Are Deff Dredds useful?

They're useful in the same way that ever other unit is useful; if you use them in the right situation. You should ask instead 'How can I use Deff Dredds to their greatest effe ( Full Answer )