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How do you defuse a nuclear bomb?

Impossible to say precisely without knowing the specific design andmodel, but usually the first step requires removing the core offissile material. This may be as simple as re ( Full Answer )
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How do you defuse a bomb?

If you have to ask you are probably not the right person to be defusing a bomb. In reality, the whole "cut this wire, don't cut that wire" thing is pretty much the stuff of ( Full Answer )
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Defusion and osmosis?

Diffusion is when there is lower concentration in one area than another so the particles that are in the area with higher concentration move to the area with lower concentrati ( Full Answer )
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What is defusion?

A card that makes a Fuson monster defuse into the monster you used to fuse.
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How do you defuse a bomb in counter strike?

You walk near a bomb and hold the trigger button. A progress bar should appear.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )
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How do you learn to defuse a bomb?

Learning to defuse a bomb is a specialist skill. To learn how todefuse one, you would have to be in the military or emergencyservices.
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What is the difference between osmosis and defusion?

Osmosis is the transfer of water through a membrane to have an equilibrium of water particles on each side. Defusion is also the transfer of water through a membrane, but bec ( Full Answer )
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What is the differences between osmosis and defusion?

Diffusion is the movement of any substance from an area of high concentration, to an area of low concentration. E.g. If you stand in the corner of a room and spray a deodor ( Full Answer )
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How does a robot defuse a bomb?

initially robot have sensors..using proximity sensor it senses metal plate ,then colour sencors senses colour of wire....using automatic cutter which operates by dc motor...ti ( Full Answer )
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Walk through for defuse and escape?

First click the bin,you will find a key.. Next try the key on both doors. Click the computer and type in this password. FMMZ7fb432mdao34f (case sensitive) . Then you will ( Full Answer )
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How do you defuse the bomb on counter strike?

To defuse the C4 bomb as a Counter-Terrorist, find the bomb, point your crosshair at the bomb, and press and hold the "use" key (default is E).
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How do you defuse a bomb in crossfire?

you defuse a bomb in Crossfire, by using the default set key "P" while you are next to the bomb. Improvement: No , you hold "E" while beside a bomb .
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How to defuse a bomb?

LOL @ this answer. Do you expect someone to know how to defuse a bomb. You know it's very complicated to defuse a bomb. If you want to know how, why don't you join the Police ( Full Answer )
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How do you defuse a mind?

Different people have different states of mind; there is no one magic remedy that defuses all minds. Some people need re-education, some need anti-psychotic drugs, some need a ( Full Answer )
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Is defusion water going through the cell?

Diffusion is a physical process that involves the spontaneous movement of molecules from where they are plentiful to where they are scarce. This process could occur in eith ( Full Answer )
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Is there any way to defuse TNT?

I dont personally but I will conTact Osama Bin Laden.That is if I can find the little bomb happy scamp.ROFLMAO!
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Do you need a defuser for scrunching hair?

a diffuser will dry curly hair faster, and encourage curl formation on hair that is wavy or unevenly curly. it 'diffuses' the air flow from your blow dryer to give a more gent ( Full Answer )
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How do you defuse the box in club penguin mission?

wat u do is walk up to the device and click on your agent phone and a scanner will come up with a game and you have to win or the device doesn't defuse
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How do you defuse bomb in cs 1.6?

When you approach the bomb as it's beeping, hold E while looking at it to defuse it. A yellow bar will appear and this will slowly fill indicating the progress being made on t ( Full Answer )
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What happens when a gas defuses?

When a gas diffuses, it merely spreads out through the volume available to it. It will accordingly become less intense.
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How do you put the word defuse in a sentence?

The principal of the school is on his way to the meeting and will attempt to calm the people down and defuse the volatile situation.
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How do you defuse a fission bomb?

Roughly the same way you would defuse a similar conventional military bomb. It is only after it is defused that the issue of handling the special nuclear materials comes u ( Full Answer )
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How would you defuse potentially stressful situation?

Take a deep breath, try to calm down and keep the customer calm. Try to keep the issue at the fore front and see if you can give the customer what they want with in policy. Re ( Full Answer )
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What is the defusion in plants?

I think you mean diffusion - the movement of liquid or gas from one area to another?