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What is a synonym for deign?

Deign : to condescend reluctantly and with a strong sense of the affront to one's superiority that is involved : stoop
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How do you use the word deign in a sentence?

The enlisted men were surprised that the four-star general deign to speak to them as he toured the camp. . Why should I deign a mere mortal like you?
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Can you use the word deign in a sentence?

I'm not sure if that is a real word. - It is a real word it means : 'To think fit or in accordance with ones dignity.' A sentence example would be: " As usual the wolf did n ( Full Answer )
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Use deign in a sentence?

To deign is to do something that one considers to be beneath their dignity. 'The nobleman did not deign to adhere to the request of the beggar.'
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How do you pronounce deign?

Like the word "day," but with an "n" at the end. The "g" is silent.
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How do use deigning in a sentence?

Deigning himself to getting into street brawls was not normal for him, but drugs can make you do shameful things.
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What rhymes with deign?

feign, disdain, cane, rain, lane, Shane, Cain, mane, main, lain, inane, insane, pain, sane, bane, gain, obtain, Zane, vain, vein, vane, wane, and that is about it :)
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Who deigned the state flag?

In the late 1960's Chief Petty Officer Bruce McDaniel launched a new movement to design a new state flag that would carry the state's name, Mrs. Sanford Hutchison submitted a ( Full Answer )
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Did Len Lye deign the wind wand?

Yes, Len Lye designed the Wind Wand which is on New Plymouth's Coastal Walkway -
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What are some synonyms for the word deign?

The word "deign" is a verb that means doing something that is "beneath one's dignity." Synonyms for this word include both condescend and vouchsafe, amongst a few others.
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How do you put deign in a sentence?

She has an ego problem so does not deign the man's word. This is asample sentence containing the word deign.
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What is an example sentence for deigning?

I hope our little princess will be deigning to delight us with herpresence at the dinner table tonight.