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How can you tell if deli meat has spoiled?

You can tell lunch meat is past its prime by appearance, color, texture and smell. If it has become slimy or ropey, has odd things growing on it (like mold or pink slime), has ( Full Answer )
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How do you read a pound on a deli scale?

I think those indicate to a precision of a couple of decimalplaces, and then even calculate the price and print out a sticky label for theproduct container. So the whole-numbe ( Full Answer )
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What are deli loaves?

Baked breads. Usually elongated in shape, may be spiced or flavored, and used for sandwiches.
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How many calories are in deli turkey?

It depends on the brand. It is approximately 29-35 calories per ounce, or 28g, of deli turkey depending on the brand and what has been added.
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What is the best Kosher Deli in Delaware?

There is only one kosher deli in Delaware, at the Shoprite on Rocky Run Pkwy, in Wilmington. Thus it must be the best. (Note that the certifying authority is Traditional, not ( Full Answer )
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What is deli?

The word deli is an abbreviation for delicatessen. This is anestablishment where you can buy ready to eat items such assandwiches, and salads over the counter. You take these ( Full Answer )
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How do you say welcome to my deli in welsh?

Croeso i fy ... (welcome to my...) Then it gets tricky. Naturaly you'd mutate (treiglo) delicatessen to " fy nelicatessen " however seeing as it's not a Welsh word perh ( Full Answer )
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Do you ask for speck at the deli?

speck is the layer of fat that is located on top of a brisket. After the brisket is smoked the fat is sliced and seasoned with paprika and grilled . this is then served on rye ( Full Answer )
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What kinds of sandwiches can you get at any deli?

You can get meat sandwiches and cheese sandwiches at any deli. If you go to a deli the type of sandwich's you could get are: ham turkey roast beef corn beef tuna ( Full Answer )
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Is Woolworths strict on piercings in the Deli?

YES No!!! . I also work at woolworths and they are strict on facial piercings in all departments but if you wear a band aid over it (i know it will look terrible) they usu ( Full Answer )
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What is 'deli' when translated from English to Italian?

Alimentari or Gastronomia may be Italian equivalents of 'deli[catessen]'. The masculine gender noun 'alimentari' takes as its plural definite article 'gli' ['the']. The f ( Full Answer )
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Name a samwich that you can get at any deli?

you have spelt "sandwich"wrong by the way. At any deli you are likely to find Cheese or Chicken as they are the most popular to be incoporated with another ingredient like bac ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of the word deli?

its short for delicatessen. This word comes from a German word which means 'delicacies' or 'food'
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Does Sandra Bullock have a deli in Austin?

yes Sandra bullock does have a restaurant in Austin Texas names bess bistro. she also has a house here.
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How do you defrost deli meat?

Best way is get it out couple days before use and thaw it out in the fridge
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How much do deli employees make?

like $2 an hour. y would u want that 2 b ur job neway???????? that job SUCKS! y don't u get a batchelors degree and become a like..... doctor or somthing.... geez. i swear som ( Full Answer )
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Who makes Schlotzsky's deli-chips?

if it's Lays, it is not as good a quality as a regular bag of Lays chips. Chip quality at Schlotsky's is a poorer quality.
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What is a plastic deli container?

Its exactly what it sounds like- a plastic container that holds deli such as beef..
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What is the iridescent sheen on deli meat?

According to Jane Ann Boles and Ronald Pegg (who wrote a guide called "Meat Color"): Iridescence in Processed Meat Products Iridescence is a common problem in sliced roa ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Boston deli in tel aviv?

Boston Deli is in the Dizengof Center shopping mall at the intersection of ing George and Dizengof Streets in Tel Aviv. I haven't eaten there yet. A real Boston-style deli wou ( Full Answer )
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Where does the surname Dely come from?

The surname "Dely" is variant of the boy's first name "Deli". Deli means "from Delos". It's of a Greek origin.
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Is deli salami high in fat?

Sodium yes which retains water weight that is confused as sometimes fat but no its a lean meat
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Where is a deli salad made?

Deli salads can be premade and purchased from a vendor or made there in the deli.
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What type of food is Kosher Deli?

Deli is a cuisine originating in Germany, and brought to New York by German Jews, where it became associated with kosher. Kosher deli isn't really different from non-kosher, e ( Full Answer )
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How much is deli ham?

well you need about the same amount as a polar bear would weight.. and thats enough to break the ice! BAZINGA
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What are the good names for deli?

If your talking about bread or something, then, I think Lulu is a cute name. :) Otherwise, I have no idea of what you are talking about!
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What is Carnegie deli famous for?

One of the most famous of the Manhattan delicatessens, Carnegie Deli is located midtown on 7th avenue, next to Carnegie Hall. Known foremost for its food - including pastrami ( Full Answer )
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What is a deli in a supermarket?

The deli can contain anything from fresh cut meat to pasta salads to fresh cut cheese. It's food made in the deli that is pretty much ready to eat.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Deli deli olma - 2009?

The cast of Deli deli olma - 2009 includes: Tarik Akan as Miska Deniz Arna Murat Aydin as Fezo Korel Cezayirli as Metin Ibrahim Coskun Ozlem Dilber as Elvan Ozan Erdogan Halil ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for The Deli - 1997?

The Deli - 1997 was released on: Germany: 5 September 1997 (Oldenburg International Film Festival) USA: 7 November 1997 Iceland: 16 July 1998 (video premiere)
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What has the author Deli Kong written?

Deli Kong has written: 'Zisi yu Si Meng xue pai' -- subject(s): Confucianists, Confucian Philosophy
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When will delis be closing?

Hopefully, delis won't ever truly go away. That said, many haveclosed in recent years as the people who frequent them the mostcontinue to get older and older and pass away. Ma ( Full Answer )