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Who is Maria del Mar Bonet?

Here goes with a basic answer: She is a singer from Mallorca, who seems to be quite well know throughout many parts of the world - among other things she sung in the Catalan l ( Full Answer )
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Where is tierra del fuego located?

Tierra del Fuego is located on the very southern tip of South America. It contains parts of both Chile and Argentina in it.
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Who is del spooner?

The main character (Will Smith) in the movie I, Robot (2004). He is a detective.
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What is del segno?

In music where there are many repeats of sections, or with complicated repeats that seem to go all over as the music progresses, there must be ways to get around the score in ( Full Answer )
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Who is Andrea del verrocchio's' wife?

Andrea del Verrocchio never married, but lived in the house of his married sister and her many children.
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Who is Andrea in 'Andrea del Sarto'?

Andrea del Sarto was an Italian painter from the 1500s. He was born Andrea d'Agnolo di Francesco di Luca di Paolo delMigliore.
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Bands with the Word Del in the name?

\n. \n. Del Vettes, 60's band from Chicago. (later changed name to Pride and Joy). \n. \n. Del Vikings \n. \n. Mark
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Did Dolores del Rio have children?

No she never had children. She suffered miscarriage and the doctors advice her not to have children.
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What is flight time from LHR to DEL?

The total flight time is approximately 8.5 hours, depending on layovers, delays and flight conditions, etc.
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Does benico del toro have children?

To most peoples knowledge he does not. Though I think he dated a french actress that did have a child of her own. You'll probably (on here I think) find a comment by a user ( Full Answer )
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Is del piero Muslim?

No Alessandro del Piero is not a muslim. he is a Italian and a catholic.
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What is alessandro del piero famous for?

Alessandro Del Piero is an Italian international footballer who plays for Juventus. He has represented his country in numerous major tournaments.
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Where is stig Costa del stig?

In the middle of the left hand page behind the palm tree near the pink car.
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What is El opuesto del dia?

Translated into English, this means: "The opposite to 'day'". I suppose you can deduce the answer on your own.
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What are Monito del Monte's enemies?

Enemies of the Monito del Monte are commonly birds and mammals, both native and introduced. Some examples are eagles, barn owls, South American Gray foxes, Darwin's foxes and ( Full Answer )
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Who is Bartolome del Valle?

He was a United States Marine officer who was the first Hispanic to reach the rank of Lieutenant General (born 1893 died 1978)
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What does Gratia Del mean?

You probably mean Gratia Dei , which means "by the Grace of God". There is no word "Del" in Latin.
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Population of Tierra del Fuego?

126.190 according to the 2010 census. About 69.000 in the northern part (for which the mayor city is Río Grande) and about 57.000 in the souther part (for which the mayor c ( Full Answer )
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Del webb middle school?

Del Webb is a very good school. The principal is very kind as well as the staff. The school's music programs are great and so is the learning. They have great opportunitites f ( Full Answer )
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Temperatura del agua hirviendo?

Translation: The temperature of boiling water? El agua hierve a 212 grados F o 100 grados C. Water boils at 212 degrees F or 100 degrees C.
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What does Del Gado mean?

Gado is cattle or cows. You could say that Del Gado means "of the cattle" or "of the cows"
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Is alberto del rio Mexican?

Yes Del Rio was born in San luis Potosi, Mexico and unlike thewhole Guerrero families and wrestler Rey Mysterio that are MexicanAmericans, Del Rio is fully Mexican
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What was Andrea del Verrocchio style?

Very realistic with keen focus on the aspect of chiaroscuro (lights and shadows) to define the piece. It also depends on whether or not you are talking about Andrea del verroc ( Full Answer )
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What does del mare mean?

"del" is "de" and "la" put together in Spanish meaning "of the". Mare is an English word. That's spanglish right there my friend, unless you're referring to something else.
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How old is Fe del Mundo?

Filipino pediatrician Fe del Mundo was 101 years old when she diedon August 6, 2011 (born Fé Primitiva del Mundo y Villanueva ,November 27, 1909). * a different source gi ( Full Answer )
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What is Torres del Paine in English?

'Paine' was a word used by the indigenous people of southern Chileto describe the color blue. 'Torres del Paine' translates to 'BlueTowers' in English. The area has many rocky ( Full Answer )
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What does no eres del barrio mean?

It literally means, "You're not from the neighborhood." But it could be alternatively interpreted as, "You ain't from the 'hood."
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Will Alberto del Rio be champion?

He is the WWE Champion right now. He was Raw's Money In The Bank winner. He successfully cashed the briefcase on CM Punk at SummerSlam.
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Who is del johnke?

To which Del Johnke do you refer? I would suggest that you first do a Google search for the name!
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What does del in English?

"Del" is one of the two "official" contractions in the Spanish language, formed from "de el", or "of the". The other is "al", form "a el", meaning "to the".
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What is Del units?

Del units is a ficticial unit for pain measurement. There's no way to mesure pain in a objective way because there are just too many factors to take into account. The most com ( Full Answer )
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What is Del Carmen?

It is a last name, as well as a place name. It comes from the Hebrew language ( Har ha Karmell , or God's Vineyard). Playa Del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera was named as such ( Full Answer )