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Do demons exist?

Answer Yes! but I've never seen any. Answer Nope Answer The Bible says, demons, and/or devils, are angels that have sided with Satan, who was the first angel to s ( Full Answer )
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What is a demon?

a demon is an entity, or another name for it would be a fallenangel. if you know who the devil is or his other name now is Satanthen demons are the servants of the devil.if yo ( Full Answer )
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Are you a demon?

No, I am not a demon! I am (like you?) a normal human being, ... but I can't answer for anyone else or any other entity who might read this question. I on the other hand am a ( Full Answer )
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What are demons?

Demons are evil spirits that try to harm living people. Ive never seen one but i have on tv and they do not look like they are kind at all. They are very scary and anger gives ( Full Answer )
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What can demons do?

I don't think there is one answer that reflects the views of all Buddhists traditions so I'll share my own view and understanding. Demons are used by some Buddhist teachings a ( Full Answer )
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How do you become a demon?

The process is the same as deification. You need to collect a population of devout followers that will perpetuate your 'fame' after you are dead.
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How do you get a demon?

if you play with a Ouija board. . actually there are many different ways one can "get a demon" or become possessed. the Ouija board is certainly one way to do so, but is not ( Full Answer )
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How do you summon a demon?

A simple answer hides behind that question; Ouija Boards Spirit Boards Mirrors but to do so is unwise.
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How you became demon?

It hard to explain most of the time though you would live a life of total wickedness like always doing horrible things killing animals and tormenting them and doing the same t ( Full Answer )
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Who can exorcise demons?

A: Exorcism is a practice that claims to drive evil spirits or demons out of a person, to relieve alleged symptoms of mental illnesses or other unusual behaviour. However, we ( Full Answer )
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What is the japanese for demon?

Akuma 悪魔 or Majin 魔人 The traditional fearsome monsters of Japan are called oni 鬼, but they more like ogres or orcs.
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Who is the demon in the demon lover?

This could actually refer to a few different tales. The two I know of are; (1) The Demon Lover by Elizabeth Bowen (circa 1944-46). --In this story Bowen describes a London ( Full Answer )
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How do demons make demons?

demons dont make demons.demons are fallen angels from heaven that were thrown down into hell with the devil.demons cant make other demons but they can posses humans if you are ( Full Answer )
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What is the city of demons?

Many say it is hell, but in the bible, all the demons are locked away under the Euphrates River until they are released in Armageddon. All in Revalations.
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Is a demon powerfull?

if you believe in them yes demons are very powerfull i believe because i had one in my house if it wasn't for me moving i woulda commited suicide for no reason they can menipu ( Full Answer )
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What is a inner demon?

An inner demon is mostly considered as in "You are your own worst enemy" It could be explained with "Skeletons in the closet" If you have the urge to do something bad, then ( Full Answer )
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What color are demons?

Answer Over the years the way that demons have been depicted has varied dramatically. Sometimes they are little more than sinister-looking people, or they could be gross im ( Full Answer )
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Who is damian the demon?

There is no demon named Damian. This confusion seems to arise from the name of the child in the film The Omen (Damian) who was (to spoil a minor plot point) the son of Satan a ( Full Answer )
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Can demons follow you?

Yes, they can. But usually they only do this if you have interacted with them(cursing, spells, conjuration, attempted exorcism, etc.) Otherwise, they usually inhabit an establ ( Full Answer )
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Why are there demons?

Demons hold many connotations across a diverse playingfield of religions. Each religions puts demons in a differing place and level of importance or influence. In the Christia ( Full Answer )
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How Do You Get A Demon After You?

You don't want one, trust me it's far too much stress and pain for a human mind to go through. Just never ask for one. Demons are the bringers of pain, with knowledge that is ( Full Answer )
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Are pokemons demons?

No. Pokemon are just simply creatures that were created just like humans in games and those tv shows that you may know for example Pokemon DP sinnoh league victors and Pokemon ( Full Answer )
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Who is the demon of seduction?

There is no specific "who" is the demon of seduction; rather "what" are the demons of seduction? Incubus, the male demon, or dark spirit, of seduction is said to invade the ( Full Answer )
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Are fairies demons?

No. Fairies are imaginary creatures of fantasy; in short, they are not real. In some stories, all fairies are good while in other stories (Labyrinth, for example) fairies are ( Full Answer )
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What can demons do to you?

If you are a student of Christianity and scripture, they can do literally nothing that you do not permit them to do. They allegedly can try to influence you, but if you have d ( Full Answer )
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What is a demon door?

A demon door is basically a door with a large head of stone sticking out of it with long hair and a bearded face, the head is dormant but wakes when a player comes near to it ( Full Answer )
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Can a demon die?

Yes, Revelation speaks of satan and his demon's being destroyed in the 2nd death. rev 21;8. They will be hurled into the lake of fire and sulfur. Rev 20;10.
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What are demons attracted to?

Some people say onions, others say ouji boards. But most demons are attacked to young angry people, and ouji boards. It depends on a lot of what you think or believe in. Just ( Full Answer )
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Was there any demons?

Yes there are demons.There are many different types.There are fallen angels, vampires,gorgons,and a whole lot of others.Now dont get confused.I know that vampires are souless ( Full Answer )
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Are demons UFOs?

Probably not. I think there may be some corrolation with the way the Bible says Christ will come again and UFOs maybe. But I think demons are exactly like the Bible tells us ( Full Answer )
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Is Bayonetta a demon?

Bayonetta is not actually a demon she is an umbran witch but... witches have the power to channel demons through their body with the use of items, chants and movements. ( the ( Full Answer )
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Are demons ugly?

Of course! things with horns in there head are not beautiful. Only angels are beautiful! Demons are not fallen angels, nor are they ugly. Demons are the original gods and a ( Full Answer )
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Why are demons after you?

Demons can go after you for many different reasons. One that ismost common is that the demon is weak and wants a soul. If you think demons are after you though, you might wan ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a demon out?

demons usually eat your soul and kill you... if there eyes areblack throw holy water on them and say this " regnea terrae,cantata dea psallite aradia