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What does the word denier refer to when it's used to describe pantyhose?

Answer . Denier refers to the weight or thickness of the yarn or fiber used to weave pantyhose. From low to high is fine to heavy. For example 10 - 15 denier pantyhose u ( Full Answer )
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Is 1200 denier polyester better than 600 denier polyester?

I am assuming you are talking about a fabric made from either 1200 or 600 denier yarn. The thickness of the yarn in 1200 denier is twice that of 600 denier, which also impl ( Full Answer )
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What does denier mean?

Denier is not French for "last"- that's " dernier ". Denier is a unit of weight to measure nylon or silk, so is used in hosiery to describe the thickness of the material used. ( Full Answer )
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What do Holocaust deniers say happened?

Most holocaust deniers say that there were no gas chambers at the major extermination camps like Auschwitz and Treblinka. Another thing that they say is that scholars can only ( Full Answer )
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What is in it for the Holocaust deniers?

A few may get a 'kick' out being politically incorrect, but the most common reason is a desire to rehabilitate the perpetrators and mock the victims and the survivors. ___ ( Full Answer )
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What do Holocaust deniers get for denying the Holocaust?

1 They get some kick or other out of it. I don't think they are paid for denying the Holocaust. _____ # 2 There is not really a punishment for denying the Holocaust. _ ( Full Answer )
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Is 840 denier nylon or 420 denier nylon stronger?

Denier nylon is a unit of measuring the thickness/weight of a thinly spun fiber. It indicates the material's durability, plus the fineness of fiber filaments and yarns - both ( Full Answer )
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What is denier nylon?

Denier nylon is a unit of measuring the thickness/weight of a thinly spun fiber. It indicates the material's durability, plus the fineness of fiber filaments and yarns - both ( Full Answer )
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What are claims of the Holocaust deniers?

The Holocaust deniers claim either that the Holocaust is exaggerated or that it did not occur at all.. See link below.
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Who disputes what Holocaust deniers say?

People who dispute the Holocaust deniers are the people who believe that happened. People fight back and prove that the Holocaust occurred.
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Who denied the Holocaust deniers?

Deborah Lipstadt and Richard J. Evans, among others, have written about (and against) Holocaust denial.
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What is the best denier for luggage?

A 1260 American made Ballistic Nylon is the best you can get at this time but they are coming up with new fabrics all the time. A 2520 Foreign made ballistic nylon is not a ba ( Full Answer )
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What is 210 denier polyester?

Denier polyester is fabric and the higher the number, the thickerand stronger it is. 210 would be thin like silk.
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How do you determine the denier of yarn?

It's the mass in grams of 9000 metres. If it's commercial knittingyarn there is usually a mass/length equivalence on the ball band.
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What is 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon?

It's just Nylon but with a marketing spin, a bit like me selling you a Thermablok® and you later finding out it's just a brick! Companies make up these names to help old pr ( Full Answer )
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What is more durable 600-denier duralite or 1800 denier polyester?

Duralite is a type of polyester fabric. Duralite and polyester havethe same mildew resistant and hydrophobic qualities which makethese good outdoor fabrics. A fabric made with ( Full Answer )
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How to convert denier to count?

5314 / den > Nm Eg : Denier - 150 D . Convert to metric. Ans : 5314 / 150 > 35.4 ==> approx of 30s-35s Count
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Is 420 denier nylon waterproof?

Ideal for medium scale applications (luggage,) PVC/420Denier Nylon has a polyurethane finish on the underside which makesthe fabric waterproof.
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What is the Madonna and child silver denier coin worth?

Based on the research done on eBay (March 2012), An Austria-Hungarian Silver denier (circa 1540-1600) is worth between $7.00 and $15.00, depending on condition. The coin itsel ( Full Answer )
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Why do Holocaust deniers believe what they believe?

The Holocaust was from the beginning an act of ethnic warfare, in which one ethnic group (self-identified as the "Aryan" race) sought to defeat and utterly destroy a different ( Full Answer )
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How Holocaust deniers dangerous?

Most people tend to believe and stick with the first side of a story that they hear. If people hear the tales of the Holocaust deniers first, then it takes a lot for them to u ( Full Answer )
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Why don't Holocaust deniers believe in the Holocaust?

Many people disbelieves that the Holocaust because, they think it never happen. They don't deny the Holocaust because of "what happened during it" but instead that the Holocau ( Full Answer )
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What is a french coin worth 3 deniers?

A French coin that was used in the time of Louis XVI was called Liard. It is worth 3 deniers. Hope that's okay :)
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What is a Holocaust denier?

Someone who denies that the Holocaust took place or who claims that it is grossly exaggerated. Holocaust deniers are people who deny that the Holocaust happened: they d ( Full Answer )
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Are there Holocaust deniers?

When 5-star general Dwight D. Eisenhower witnessed the liberation of Ohrdruf concentration camp, he knew people would deny it and he wanted the entire camp filmed. Today, the ( Full Answer )
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Are holocaust deniers forbidden from becoming clergy?

Although the Vatican issues general guidelines that should beapplied when allowing men to enter the seminary for the priesthood,including minimum age, health status, etc. I ha ( Full Answer )
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What has the author James P Denier written?

James P. Denier has written: 'On the receptivity problem for Gortler vortices: vortex motions induced by wall roughness' -- subject- s -: Receptivity, Wall roughness, Gortle ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Claudia Deniers written?

Claudia Deniers has written: 'Die Darstellung des Alters im Werk T.S. Eliots' -- subject(s): Characters, Old age in literature, Older people