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What if you are denied credit?

Denied Credit If you are denied credit, federal law requires that the creditor give you a notice that tells you the specific reasons your application was rejected or the fac ( Full Answer )
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What is denied powers?

Denied powers are those the Constitution prohibits the federalgovernment from doing. For instance, interfering with the freeexpression of religion or the right of people to pe ( Full Answer )
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What is a denied power?

A denied power refers to the powers which are denied by the stategovernments or the federal governments. An example of the deniedpower is the right to vote.
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Who denied the Holocaust?

Many, many people infact did for a long time. Countries themselves infact denied it and wrote it off as a Hoax. Now a days, there are 'Holocaust-Denial' Laws, which basiclly m ( Full Answer )
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What does denied mean?

Denied means rejected, denounced, unfavored, declined and other words that mean to "not like" or reject.
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Who was Denis Diederot?

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What is we can't deny?

To Deny something, or someones rights. To Deny an act. Deny, or Denys( present) Denied (past) Example: Erik broke the door, but he Denied that he did it... "you can not Deny ( Full Answer )
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Who was Denis Diderot?

He was the general editor of what became known as the encyclopedia. (apex answer- the father of modern art criticism)
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What is the opposite of deny?

The opposite of deny could be to confirm, to accept, or to allow. Similar words are acknowledge, accede, affirm, admit, agree, confess, concede, grant, or corroborate.
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Who denies the Holocaust?

Most Holocaust deniers are from one or more of the following groups: . Neo-Nazis. They want to rehabilitate the Nazis. . Antisemites. They want to bait and mock the Jews. . ( Full Answer )
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Who is denis law and what does he do?

Denis Law was a Scottish footballer who played for Manchester United in the Englis First Division and became famous as one of the so-called "Busby Babes", the very successful ( Full Answer )
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What does denis stand for?

Denis stand for Truth, Justice and the American Way! But seriously. the name Denis is the French version of the Greek name Dionysus. The English version of the same name is s ( Full Answer )
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Why deny bail?

Bail may be denied when the defendant appears to be a high risk for flight or represents a significant threat to the community.
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If you deny Jesus as god do you deny Jesus?

No you simply deny he had super powers and was the son of god etc . not that jesus did not exist in history
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What you can do if your passport was denied?

If you are in a foreign country, contact your nation's embassy there. If you are at home, contact the relevant government department.
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What is 'deni' in English?

Ten at a time is the English equivalent of 'deni'. Other equivalents are 'by tens, ten by ten'. The feminine and neuter forms of this distributive numerical adjective are 'de ( Full Answer )
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Is this how you spell denying?

Yes. The word "denying" means stating that an account or allegation is false. Example : "He refused to confess, denying that he was at the scene."
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What is an antonym for denied?

Approved, accepted, allowed, permitted Confirm, affirm (In the sense of "the company denied knowledge of any wrongdoings.") accept... adios!
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Can you get in a college that denied you?

No, you cannot, at least for that school year. You can improve your grades and then apply again.
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Can you deny a breathalizer?

If you mean refuse to take one then yes you can in the UK. However you will be arrested. In the USA: Absolutely! You are merely admitting you are guilty and will assume ( Full Answer )
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Can rights be denied?

In certain circumstances where you are not eligible for a particular right, then yes, rights can be denied for various reasons.
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How do you spell denies?

That is the correct spelling of the word "denies" (from to deny : to disavow, refuse, or forbid).
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Who is Denis Kessler?

Denis Kessler is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and ChiefExecutive Officer of the financial company SCOR SE.
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How can treaties be denied?

Like Hitler did he Just Ignored the treaty of Versailles a new Government is not bound by most treaties and can change them to suite their policies
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Why does he deny your relationship?

I think deep down inside he still must feel as if people find out he will not be more attractive to others. Its a way of being able to be "available" but wanting to still be i ( Full Answer )
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How can you deny you had an affair?

First, say that the person threatened you to be with them, and if you didn't, they would kill the person you most love. That, or just tell the truth and don't ever cheat again ( Full Answer )
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Is denied a noun?

Denied is the past tense of the VERB deny. "His request to enter the classroom was denied." "Don't deny me the opportunity to learn."
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Is denies the present tense of deny?

Yes, it is present tense in the third person singular. "Deny" is also present tense. . I deny . We deny . You deny . He/she denies . They deny
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What is the synonym for deny?

disagree, renounce, decline. abjure , abnegate, ban , begrudge , call on, contradict , contravene , controvert, curb ,disacknowledge, disallow, disavow, disbelieve, disca ( Full Answer )
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Is denied a verb?

yes denied is a verb because you are saying no to it Example:She denied it. see verb
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What did Arius deny?

i gots myself no idears. hahaha have fun trying to find this might be the existence of god...idk.
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What rhymes with denis?

Well if we go through the alphabet, here are some results, yourresults may vary: A = B = C = D = Dennis, Denis E = Ennis F = G = H = I = J = K = M = Menace, Mennis, Menis N = ( Full Answer )
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Who was St. Denis?

Wikipedia: According to Christian tradition, Saint Denis (also calledDionysius, Dennis, or Denys) is a Christian martyr and saint . In the third century (third century = 20 ( Full Answer )
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How do you get answer to why you were denied coverage?

The letter from the insurer should tell you the reason for their refusing to offer you plan. If the letter is not clear about this, you should call the insurance agent who hel ( Full Answer )
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What is the prefix for deny?

The prefix in the word Deny is de-. from: "de" = formally, thoroughly + "negare" = say no