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What is a den?

The noun 'den' is a word for: . a wild animal's lair or habitation; . a secret place where people meet to do illegal things; . an informal room in a home used for relaxa ( Full Answer )
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Do alligators have a den?

Alligators usually have an under water place to lay up, or a hole under a river bank.
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What is in a den?

T.v.,video games,board games,ext.(family den). Another den is one where you go to retreat from an animal in that case you would have food supplies,and a first aid. ext.
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How do you get in dragon den?

-It is extremely dangerous to go into a dragons den. What were you thinking? I'm not going to tell you. I think you're highly irresponsible. -Yes, because dragons are real ( Full Answer )
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How do you find a den?

look on the map & there will be green areas just keep heading twards 1 of them & there you go
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How do you get to the dragon's den?

Battle the 8th gym leader wich is Clair then go to dragon's den. P.S. You need the move Suirf & Wirlpool, Surf you get to surf the water and wirpool is where you get to dash t ( Full Answer )
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Where is the den in wolfquest?

in single playe r, go to your map then go towards the green circles. When your close to a den (in the green circle) then just keep pressing forward. In multiplayer you' ( Full Answer )
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What is the plural of den?

Den's, as in "What a coincidence we both have Den's" or "The bear's travel to different Den's each night".
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How do i submit my den to epic dens?

I have been wondering and in my opinion, I have a pretty awesomeden. People have been telling me that i need to submit the den butthey might be wrong. Please enlighten me on t ( Full Answer )