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How dense is air?

The density of air at 0 degrees Celsius is 0.001275 grams per cubiccentimeter. This is equal to 1.275 grams per liter or 1.275kilograms per cubic meter.
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What metals are dense?

Gold, platinum. Tin and lead are also quite dense. Osmium is the most dense on the periodic table.
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Is copper dense?

Every thing is dense because everything has matter and verything has volume. density is the amount of mass in a given volume to find out the density divide the mass by volume. ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite of dense?

The opposite of dense could be thin , sparse ,uncompressed, lightweight, or rarified (in the case of gasses). For populations, the opposite could be scattered or meager.
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How dense is Saturn?

Saturn is the least dense of all the Planets. It has been said that if you could find a large enough bath - and water, Saturn would float. This is because Saturn's mean ( Full Answer )
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How dense is copper?

It depends on the temperature of the copper. Differences in temperature change the density of an object. This is because density is a measurement of (grams/milliliters, and wh ( Full Answer )
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What substance is dense?

All substances are dense. The density of some substances is greater than that of others. For example, the density of the earth's core material is greater than the density of t ( Full Answer )
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What is a dense forest?

The word "dense" means thick. A dense forest is a forest thick with trees or having trees growing very closely together.
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What is dense in science?

heavy, has larger atoms. It means that when something is to heavy on another object it's dense
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Can fire be dense?

Fire is a combination of heat and light energy emitted by a chemical reaction, and as such it has no mass and therefore no density.
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What is a dense?

-adjective, dens⋅er, dens⋅est. 1. having the component parts closely compacted together; crowded or compact: a dense forest; dense population. 2. stupid; slow-witted ( Full Answer )
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What is a dense population?

A place where a large number of people live close together. Example - Hong Kong.
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What is dense forest?

In India - All lands with a forest cover of trees with canopy density 40-69%. (Canopy density is defined as the relative completeness of Canopy expressed as percentage takin ( Full Answer )
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What is the less dense?

Density is a measure of how much mass is contained in a give unit volume (density=mass/volume). It is usually expressed in kg/m^3. Put simply, if mass is a measure of how much ( Full Answer )
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Is lead dense?

The density of lead is 11.34 g/cm 3. Whether or not you say it is dense, is an opinion.
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How dense is skin?

Skin is extremely dense and solid. This is evidenced by how easilyit reacts to injury, such as cuts, bruises, and burns.
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How dense is a LEGO?

density = mass/volume if a Lego takes up 2 sq inches and weighs 1.5 grams its density is .75 grams per sq inch
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Are comets dense?

Comets are made of ice, rock, cosmic dust, ammonia, carbon dioxide, methane ice and water. Density will vary depending on it's exact composition. Being that its primary compon ( Full Answer )
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Is gas dense?

Gas is not dense, solids should be dense, liquids are dense, but not as much as solids.
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Why is flour dense?

Grinding a grain cause the complex geometry/texture of the large original pieces to simplify, as well as breaking up internal gaps, allowing the small particles produced to fi ( Full Answer )
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Is carbon dense?

It's really not that simple. Carbon comes in various different forms (coal, graphite, diamond) which do not all have the same density; furthermore, it would be useful to know ( Full Answer )
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Is nylon dense?

yes every thing known to man is dense but im not sure how dense nylon is.but wool is
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Why are cupcakes dense?

if it's dense then it means it has not risen. You need to use either self raising flour or baking powder and whisk thoroughly to get as much air as possible into the cake.
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What is dense hair?

Dense hair is hair that has more mass in cubic centimeters than other people's hair
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Is popcorn dense or not?

\n \n\n. \n. No- when popped it is the opposite of dense- it is rather light and fluffy.
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How dense is an apple?

an apple is very dense because it has a large amount of mass and weighs a lot. they are also hard to cut and will smash when you drop them.
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Is sulfur dense?

All elements have a density so this question is rather vague. Sulfur is above the density of water but not as dense as some really dense ones please refer to another source to ( Full Answer )
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What is densed water?

Water made with either of the two isotopes of Hydrogen would be denser than ordinary water. Deuterium and Tritium are the two isotopes names. Mass 2 and 3 respectively where H ( Full Answer )
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Are liquids dense?

Some liquids are denser than others. In general, everyday experience, most liquids are denser than gases, but not as dense as solids. There are some exceptions to this rule.
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How dense is diamond?

It Should have the same density as carbon since its a (insert vocabulary word here). Ex: carbon is graphite and diamond, just made different ways. :)
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What is the def of dense?

compacted very tightly together in other words jamed having little space ex as i stood in the dense crow i held my friends hand to keep me safe
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What is the definition of dense?

The definition of the word dense is "closely compacted insubstance." . Having parts that are shut mutually . Crowded with community . Not competent to comprehend things st ( Full Answer )
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What is dense grade?

Dense grade: Means after graded, the material will form solid without hole. Open grade: means the solid will have over 15% holes.
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What is dense medium?

The word 'dense' varies according to the context. Lead is more dense than iron. Iodine-containing contrast media are dense to x-rays. The blackened portions of a photographi ( Full Answer )
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Is oxygen dense or not?

The density of oxygen gas is very close to the density of ordinaryair (which is about 20% oxygen).