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How do you fix a dented door?

If its a nice big wide dent you may be able to pop it out take off the door panel make sure the window is up use a small block of wood to pop it out if its a small dent then ( Full Answer )
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Who pays for a car door dent?

Dents . It depends. If you know who did it or you witnessed who did it, get their insurance information. If you did it well you know the answer to that.
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Who is Bucky Dent?

Bucky Dent is a former Major League Baseball player and manager. Heplayed for the Yankees, Rangers, Royals and White Sox during hiscareer, which included winning two World Ser ( Full Answer )
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Words that end in dent?

Here are some possibilities: Candent Credent Erodent Evident Mordent Pendent Prudent Student Trident Ardent Cadent Indent Rident Rodent
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What is Pepsi-dent?

Is or was a toothpaste for what were radio commercials in detective stories as the Philip Marlowe series in the 1940th.
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Who is Harvey Dent?

Harvey Dent is the Gotham City District Attorney in the Batman comics. He later becomes the villain Two-Face after being deformed by acid.
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Who is Julia dent?

she lived January 26, 1826 - December 14, 1902 was the wife of the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant.
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What is a homophone of dents?

A homophone is a word which is pronounced the same as another word, but has a different spelling or definition or both. For dents (shallow deformations in a surface,) some h ( Full Answer )
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What is ben dent?

What is Ben Dent? Ben Dent is me, the best boy on earth he is the fastest typer in the earth, oh and by the way Tyler is a big gay.
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Why do fingernails have dents?

Fingernails get dents if you accidentally chip a nail. Although the rest of your nail will keep on growing, that part may still remain dented. Also, if you write a lot, the fi ( Full Answer )
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Why is there a dent in your head?

aleins abducted you and that dent in your head is that sample of grey-matter they took from your head
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How do you repair a dent in dry wall?

Fill it with joint compound, level it with a putty knife or a straight edge of some kind. After it dries, gently wipe across it with a damp sponge to smooth it, no dust using ( Full Answer )
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How do you dent your hair?

Sometimes if I put my hair in a ponytail for a long period of time and then wear it down there is a dent from the elastic. If your talking about crimping your hair you can buy ( Full Answer )
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Does the stealth dent easily?

No the stealth does not dent easily, I have had mine for two years now and like a thousand hits later there are no dents in it.
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Why are there dents on both your butt cheeks?

because that means ........ hold on why r u looking at your butt cheeks ..anyway it means your butt cheeks r small
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Can you replace battery in Rota Dent?

According to the operators manual: "Because the power handle is a sealed unit for protection from moisture, and for infection control and protection of the patient and our e ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix a small dent on your violin?

If you have a violin that is really good or values lot's of money get it fixed by a person who know's what they are doing. Or if you want to have ago at fixing it go ahead and ( Full Answer )
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How do you use dent in a sentence?

I noticed there was a dent in the side of the saucepan after I dropped it on the floor.
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What happened at the Dent Schoolhouse in Ohio?

Between the 1940's and the 1950's students started to disappear. In the mid 1950's a mob went into the basement and found the bodies of the students. It is thought that the ja ( Full Answer )
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Who is dent in Pokemon Black and White?

Dento (Japanese name) is Cilan, the first Gym Leader in Striaton City if you choose Oshawott as your starter.
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How can you avoid gettng dents on a clarinet?

Be careful. Try not to drop it, as that can also bend the keys, which means you have to take it in for repairs, and keep it in a case when you aren't playing it. Don't swing i ( Full Answer )
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How can you avoid getting dents on your instrument?

1. Carry your instrument in a hard case, not a gig bag. 2. Simple... be careful and watch what you are doing 3. If the instrument gets a dent, do not try to remove it wi ( Full Answer )
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What happens if a car has dents and is repossessed?

It gets placed in the junkyard. In order to get the vehicle back you must you pay your bill, as well as pay your local junkyard company to get your car back.
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What did Bucky Dent do?

Bucky Dent is probably most famous for hitting a 3-run homer for the New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox in a season-ending tie-breaker game which the Yankees won, 5-4 ( Full Answer )
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What can dent and scraath appliances do for you?

They are a good, low cost, and cost effective way to improve your home project. These appliances are not quite as high quality, but are good for the money. You can get them at ( Full Answer )
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What are the dents in the moon?

The "dents" on the surface of the moon are craters. The craters were created by asteroids and meteors that crashed into the moon's surface.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Dente per dente - 1943?

The cast of Dente per dente - 1943 includes: Loredana as Giulietta Cesco Baseggio as Schiumetta Memo Benassi as Lucio Caterina Boratto as Isabella Arturo Bragaglia Amelia Chel ( Full Answer )