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What is dependability?

Having dependability is having the ability totrust or be trusted and rely on and be relied on because of thesky.
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What is the correct usage of 'dependent' and 'dependent'?

In British English, "dependent" is an adjective. E xample: "He is dependent upon his mother." "He is drug-dependent." \n . \n \n. \n In British English, "depend ( Full Answer )
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What is dependency?

When you count on someone to do something for you. Example: You depend on your parents to give you food, water, shelter, clothing, and love. (There are some more things that ( Full Answer )
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How dependable are you?

A person should be dependable when working. This means that theperson shows up to work on time and can perform their jobaccurately.
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What does Nanotechnology depend on?

current technology requires thousands of molecules to preform macroscopic processes. even electrical circuits within a microchip are hundreds of atoms wide. nanotechnology on ( Full Answer )
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What is dependent?

Dependent means that something or someone relies on something else.Children are dependent on their parents or caregivers for example.
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What is dependence?

Dependence is when something has to rely on another in order to thrive, such as a colony on its mother country, or a child on its parents.
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What is a service dependency?

\nIt means that one service depends on another service(s), for instance, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service is dependent from Workstation service. If Workstation service was ( Full Answer )
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Gravity depends on?

Gravity is dependent upon mass . The gravitational force between two objects is found by multiplying the mass of object 1 by the mass of object 2 by a gravitational constant, ( Full Answer )
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What are dependent clauses?

A dependent clause is a clause (subject and predicate) that cannotform a sentence by itself. An example would be: "When I went to thestore" --this clause has a subject and ver ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of dependability?

Dependability is a value showing the reliability of a person to others because of his/her integrity, truthfulness, and trustfulness, traits that can encourage someone to depe ( Full Answer )
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What do producers depend on?

Producers are organisms, like plants and certain types of protists, which make their own food from the sun's energy. This process is called photosynthesis, in which the plant' ( Full Answer )
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What is a dependent student?

For the purpose of FAFSA, a dependent student is anyone under age 24. Students may be considered independent if they are at least 24 years of age the day they fill out the FAF ( Full Answer )
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What does a blacksmith depend on?

I'm not sure I understand the question. He depends on his anvil, the quality of his steel, his tools, his knowledge and expertise, etc.
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Are we dependant on computers?

yes we are think about what computers are used in, to think of that u have to go back to the very definition of computers, and device that computes or can function independ ( Full Answer )
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Do you depend on technology and why?

Yes, I am diabetic, so I depend on my meter, pump, batteries in both, the refinement of needles and insulin. Without it, I would die... lol.
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What is dependency burden?

The proportion of the total population aged 0 to 15 and 65+, which is considered economically unproductive and therefore not counted in the labor force.
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Dependent is correct or dependent is correct?

Depends on how you want to use it. They are homonyms - words that sound the same but mean different things. Depend e nt is an adjective meaning relying on someone or somet ( Full Answer )
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What does Chile depend on?

Chile depends on the quality of the beans, the spiciness of the peppers and the freshness of the beans
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Who do seahorses depend on?

They depend on food : small shrimp , plankton , and little fish . They also need to live fifity feet in deep tropical and subtropical waters
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What is the dependent veritable dependent on?

A dependent variable is one that changes based on changes of theindependent variable. Or we can say it depends on whatever happensto the independent variable.
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What does momentum not depend on?

Energy. Two objects with the same momentum can have different kinetic energy. Example - A 1 oz projectile at 1000 ft/s and a 10 oz projectile at 100 ft/s have the same moment ( Full Answer )
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What does the pitch depend on?

If you are talking about the sound type, then high & low pitches depend on vibrations. For example: You are speaking to someone. The vibration is what is making the voice.
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What is a dependent value?

A dependent value is a value that relies on another value... it basically means what it says. For example, distance vs. time. There are two values. You're probably measurin ( Full Answer )
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What do ecosystems depend on?

well, it's basically mainly the sun as yeh, the ecosystems relies on the sun for light nutrients etc.
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What is dependency in ooad?

It is the relationship between dependent andindependent classes.Any change in the independent class will affect the states of thedependent class
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What is a dependent claise?

Its when you and your mom are having sex in the middle of the street and then she farts on your dick and makes diaria
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What is a structural dependence?

A file system exhibits structural dependence, which means that access to a file is dependent on its structure. For example, adding a customer date-of-birth field to the CUSTOM ( Full Answer )
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What do motion depend on?

There are three things that motion depends upon. The first is the mass of the object that is to be set into motion. The second is the strength of the friction that is going up ( Full Answer )
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What is a dependant probability?

Dependant probability is when the likelihood of one thing is affected by whether or not something else happened. For instance, when I go shopping, there's a 90% chance I'll g ( Full Answer )
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What is dependency-?

The official definition for dependency is "a dependent orsubordinate thing, esp. a country or province controlled byanother."