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What happened to Queen Vashti after the king deposed her as queen?

Vashti's later years My understanding is that some time later she was actually reinstated. I believe she was a well-known power figure in ancient Persia. The reinstatement w ( Full Answer )
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What dictator did Fidel Castro depose when he took control of Cuba in 1959?

The dictator of Cuba from 1952 to 1959 was Fulgencio Batista (1901-1973), a former president from 1933 to 1944. With the backing of the US, Batista controlled much of the isla ( Full Answer )
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What is 'depose'?

To depose someone is to ask them a series of questions, under oath, that they have to answer. While it is to pertain to the case at hand, it can cover far more than most peopl ( Full Answer )
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What King deposed Joseph the prime minister of old testament Egypt?

To my knowledge Joseph was not deposed by any king but died of old age. Here is a brief history of the Joseph I believe you are referring to. Joseph. Son of Rachel, Jacob's ( Full Answer )
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What does deposed mean?

deposed: To dethrone, take away power, remove from office. (Ex. The Governer was deposed from Office.)
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What is the value of a browning depose patent number 550376?

As with any firearm, it is not possible to accurately appraise a gun without seeing it. Condition, and original configuration will determine value. Other factors such as rarit ( Full Answer )
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What is 'depose' in Spanish?

1. Deponer. 2. Derrocar (overthrow, unseat/dictator, rules). 3. Degradar. 4. Destituir. 5. Testificar. 6. Ser testigo. (n) 7. Destronar (champion, king).
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Who deposed King Idris of Libya in 1969?

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Which governor was deposed during the rum rebellion?

The Rum Rebellion occurred on 26 January 1808. This was the day that Governor Bligh (New South Wales) was overthrown and replaced with a military Junta. Although known as the ( Full Answer )
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Can a minor be deposed?

Yes, as long as they are above the legal "age of reason" for that particular state (usually somewhere around 7 years) andt hey have their parent, guardian or an attorney prese ( Full Answer )
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How were the bodys deposed of during the black plague?

They were thrown in large pits dug in the ground, so that they could get rid of the bodies as fast as possible, trying to spread the disease more than what it already was.
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What is the sentence of the depose?

The small child had to depose what he saw at the time of the kidnap because he was the main witness.
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If a plantiff is physically impaired and under the influence of narcotics should he be deposed at that time?

I would think not. BEcause if I was a defense attorney and found out someone was under the influence while being deposed, I could probably get the testimony thrown out, theref ( Full Answer )
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What are the deposed living monarchs of Europe?

Czar Simeon II of Bulgaria (1943-1946), who was also Prime Minister of Bulgaria (2001-2005), was overthrown by communists . King Constantine II of the Hellenes [Greece] (196 ( Full Answer )
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Why was Elend deposed in 'The Well of Ascension'?

Elend was voted out because the members of the committee felt he was not taking the option of surrender as a viable choice in dealing with the potential invasion.
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Who gets deposed first defendant or plaintiff?

If you are being deposed by opposing counsel strictly for factual material (which they will inevitably use to try to impeach your testimony) these depositions are held at the ( Full Answer )
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What does an expert witness charge to be deposed?

Expert witnesses are exactly that, experts in their field. Most of them have a degree, one or more, or higher education degrees and have been working in their fields for years ( Full Answer )
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How did Iran change after the Shah of Iran was deposed?

Under the Shah of Iran, Iran was a well-developing nation with a prosperous economy and a thriving middle class. Women were allowed to work or vote or attend schools, and the ( Full Answer )
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Can you refuse being deposed?

It depends. Generally, yes, you could refuse, unless you have been ordered by the court to do it. ______ Generally not. If you refuse to show up for a deposition, the party ( Full Answer )
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What is Cassa Depositi E Prestiti?

Cassa Depositi E Prestiti is a bank in Italy. It was founded in 1850 in Torino. It is the oldest bank in Italy that is still doing business. It is currently a joint stock bank ( Full Answer )
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How should someone depose of a used bed?

Many of the companies that sell bedding will dispose of your old bedding as part of the sale. You should also check with the Salvation Army and Good Will to see if they will d ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean to depose somebody?

To depose somebody mean to remove them from their office of power.Similar words are dethrone , impeach , and remove .
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How do you depose of a black widow spider?

Stamp on it if it is out in the open. Or use a spider spray if itis concealed or in a place too difficult to reach.