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What is sleep deprivation and what are its effects?

Sleep Deprivation is when you can not get a undisturbed nights sleep. Sleep deprivation makes it difficult for you to concentrate, to make decisions and may cause you to want ( Full Answer )
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What does deprivation mean?

1:an act or instance of depriving:LOSS.2:the state of being deprived. 1:an act or instance of depriving:LOSS.2:the state of being deprived
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What is used to measure deprivation index?

There are a few different things that are used to measuredeprivation index. This really depends on the type of deprivationmeasured.
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Is hallucinatory sleep deprivation worth it?

I would say no even tho im in the prosses right now Im at 64 hours and basicly all im having is some auditory problems (hearing stuff like bumps, thinking something is there) ( Full Answer )
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When you have sleep deprivation why do you see shadows?

Your brain is coursing through your dmt wich is released while inREM sleep. Your brain starts to boot into dream mode while you arestill aware and awake. Your perception on re ( Full Answer )
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What can happened if you deprived sleep?

You body does not have a chance to heal or repair thngs that need to be fixed. It will also over work your heart which needs down time. Your kidnies only recharge the adrenal ( Full Answer )
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What is sexual deprivation?

It's the intentional act of withholding sex from your partner. It's most commonly used to refer to men withholding sex from women.
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What does depriving mean?

Here are just some of the common meaning of the word "depriving.". 1. to take something away from. 2. to remove from office. 3. to withhold something from
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Sentence using the word deprivation?

Deprivation of food can lead to starvation. The sentence uses theterm deprivation as it pertains to eating adequate amounts of food.
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Can an adult recover from sleep deprivation?

Yes. Just get as much sleep as you need. Your body will fully recover once you have got the right amount of sleep (particularly REM sleep). I suggest you have a weekend where ( Full Answer )
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Does sleep deprivation cause sickness?

Because your immune system gets weak, which makes it easier for viruses, or bugs to get you sick.
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Give you a sentence with deprive?

Because of their behaviour they decided to deprive them of some oftheir privileges. If the factory did close it would deprive many of the employees ofan income.
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How do you use the word deprive in a sentence?

Community Answer 1 I should not really deprive you of the opportunity making up asentence with the word deprive in it. _____________________________________ Community Ans ( Full Answer )
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Can sleep deprivation cause acne?

Yes, lack of sleep causes stress in our bodies, causing oil glands to act up.
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What are effects of REM deprivation?

Rapid Eye Movement ( REM ) sleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes.REM sleep in adult humans typically occupies 20-25% of total sle ( Full Answer )
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How can the word deprived be use as a question?

Can you imagine being deprived of your freedom for the rest of your life? Does my dog feel deprived of attention and companionship while I'm at work all day long?
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Can a person be deprived of his right to his life?

" . Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.. " . -Article 6.1 of the Inter ( Full Answer )
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What are some of the effects of sleep deprivation?

It is possible to do without sleep for a while but the results are harmful and unhealthy. Due to sleep deprivation, people will normally drift into microsleeps. Microsleeps ar ( Full Answer )
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Can people die of sleep deprivation?

Yes they can, although it is rare for anyone to experience a fatal amount of sleep deprivation.
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What is sensory deprivation therapy?

Sensory deprivation, or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), is a technique by which sensory input (sound, light, smell, etc.) is minimized. This practice enco ( Full Answer )
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How do you tell if toddler is sleep deprived?

Sleep deprived toddlers are very cranky and fussy. Make sure youallow a couple hours a day for a nap, or just quiet time. Toddlerstypically should go to bed between 7 and 8. A ( Full Answer )
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What is Deprivational dwarfism?

A condition where emotional disturbances are associated with growth failure and abnormalities of pituitary function.
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When is a water deprivation test stopped?

the patient has lost more than 5% of his or her original body weight the patient has reached certain limits of low blood pressure and increased heart rate the urine is no long ( Full Answer )
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What happens to your body when it deprived of food?

obviously weight loss Loss of hair Fatigue Stomach pain Dizziness Low blood pressure Swelling in the hands and/or feet Low body Temperature And ultimately death!
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How long can human be deprived of oxygen?

On average about 3 minutes before brain damage starts and 6 minutes before death. But it depends on the physical fitness of the person in question.
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Why old people are deprived?

Old people are always deprived irrespective of country, religion or vice varsa. In fact people have natural tendency to look at elderly persons with a sympathetic look. Young ( Full Answer )
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When is the brain deprived of oxygen?

The brain is deprived of oxygen when either the breathing stops, or the blood circulation stops.
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What is sensory deprivation?

Sensory deprivation is the blocking of the senses, such as placing someone in a tank, filled with water and the person is blindfolded and their hearing is blocked, as well. Sh ( Full Answer )
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What is a example sentence of deprived?

She was deprived of privileges when she disobeyed her parents. His boss deprived him of his promotion because his work was not upto par. They disobeyed the rules, so the team ( Full Answer )
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What is education deprivation?

Being deprived (having to go without) education. So, people whodon't have the opportunity to go to school are educationallydeprived.