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How do i become cool I'm just a nerd who wants to fit in dering life i want to be normal it's killing me being a geek i ask girls out and they're regekting me some Evan call the cops or make me leave?

Well! You have a small problem of personal insecurity and lack of self esteem. You aren't a geek or a nerd. Everybody learns the hard way, Even the girls. You are somebody and ( Full Answer )
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Why are dere people here dere shld b alins?

of course they do were alins from a planet marshens would say were alins so yes alins exist coz were them by ruby punt
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What weather occers dering a tornado?

During a tornado, or before the wind picks up and the sky may get very dark. Sometimes the sky can even turn green. Tornadoes mainly happen in severe thunderstorms, so sometim ( Full Answer )
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What is 21 derees celsius in Fahrenheit?

Start by multiplying 21 with 9 and divide by 5. Then add 32 to the answer. In this case the answer is 70 degree fahrenheit.
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What did Jefferson Davis do dering the ciliv war?

Too little. As Confederate president, he failed to give morale-raising speeches to the public, but just stayed at home issuing appeals for loyalty. As an ex-Army man, he ima ( Full Answer )
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How do you scare your little brother dering the day?

Naturally, scaring siblings is an ancient art that varies according to the individual's fears and age, as well as how much trouble you are willing to get into. Most little boy ( Full Answer )
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How many people died dering the holicast?

the holicast was a time when the stuipid Germans captured the Jews. The Germans served Hitler the leader of the German soldiers. Over 10,000 Jews died during this time.
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When Jesus was born all babies were to be killed. who or dered that?

Slaughter of Children. The Bible account of Herod's slaughter of all the boys two years of age and under in Bethlehem and its districts is in harmony with the other historical ( Full Answer )
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What would someone do with a John Dere 4020?

A John Deere 4020 is a type of farm tractor. Someone would use this on their farm to harvest or seed their fields. John Deere is the most famous tractor manufacturer.
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What is Cansu Dere most known for?

Cansu Dere is a Turkish born entertainer. She has done modeling, acting, as well as entered and won beauty pageants. She is considered very beautiful.
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When did Ann Dere die?

Ann Dere died on January 4, 1954, in New York City, New York, USA of barbiturate poisoning.
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What movie and television projects has Ann Dere been in?

Ann Dere has: Played Landlady in "Lux Video Theatre" in 1950. Performed in "Robert Montgomery Presents" in 1950. Played Mrs. Harrison in "Lux Video Theatre" in 1950. Played Th ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Brenda DeRe been in?

Brenda DeRe has: Played Peace Flower in "Lien on Me" in 2010. Played Mom in "3 Square the Series" in 2011. Played Susan in "3 Square the Series" in 2011. Played Joanne in "3 S ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Cansu Dere been in?

Cansu Dere has: Played herself in "Beyaz show" in 1996. Performed in "Alacakaranlik" in 2003. Played Nazan in "Metro palas" in 2004. Played Sila in "Sila" in 2006. Performed i ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Edward Heneage Dering written?

Edward Heneage Dering has written: 'The ban of Maplethorpe' 'Freville Chase' 'Sherborne' 'Florence Danby' 'Sherborne, or, The house at the four ways'
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What has the author Edward Dering written?

Edward Dering has written: 'Godly priuate prayers for housholders to meditate vpon and to say in their families' -- subject(s): Church of England, Prayers and devotions 'B ( Full Answer )