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How do you use derision in a sentence?

(derision - contempt, mocking ) The rats peered with derision in their eyes at the terrified men. Sure of his authority, he dismissed our complaints with a laugh of derision ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for derision?

You could hear the derision in her voice when she told him to take a hike.
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Derision in a sentence?

The stories she told about her ex-husband got much derision andlaughter. This word means to ridicule or mock someone.
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What is shouts derisively?

Shouting in a way that you hate the person or thing you are shouting at. So, loud, and high/low-pitched.
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What is a good sentence with derision?

The govenor, who resigned amid a tax evasion scandal was greeted with shouts of derision from the crowd.
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How do you use the derision in a sentence?

The inept performance elicited derision from the audience.. The definition of derision is a ridicule or mockery.. 2 IN 1! I'M ON FIRE!!!
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What is a sentence with the word derision?

Derision is a word used to describe mockery. A good examplesentence would be, the boy was greeted with derision when heentered the classroom.
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What rhymes with derision?

collision, decision, division, divison, envision, excision, incision, misprision, parisian, precision, provision, recision, rescission, revision, xyvision, television, vision
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Where is the word Derision in 'Of Mice and Men'?

It is in the beginning of the 3rd chapter, end of first paragraph. "Through the open door came the thuds and occasional clangs of a horseshoe game, and now and then the sound ( Full Answer )
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Is there derise on hardend addition black ops?

Yes there is I am trying to find out when they release it for everyone to play so if you find out le us know pleas :oD
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What word is a synonym for the word derision?

brickbat, comeback, contempt, contumely, crack, disdain, disparagement, jab, jest, joke, mockery, raillery, ridicule, satire, scoffing, scorn, slap, sneering (I put down a few ( Full Answer )