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What is a desiccator?

The desiccator is an laboratory glassware used to maintain a sample far from influences of the atmosphere and if possible at a constant temperature. The ab(d) sorbed water is (MORE)

How does a desiccator work?

This can help you out in chemistry. To get it to work, you need tomove aside the cover, place it upside down, then take out thereagent before closing the cover right away.
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What is desiccated coconut?

Dried coconut meat that has been shredded or flaked. Some varietiesof dessicated coconut are sweetened, and some are not, so be sureto check to see what your recipe calls for. (MORE)
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What is the use of a desiccator?

A desiccator removes water taken up by a solid mixture. Desiccation is a method of removing water or water vapour from something. A container holding desiccant can be placed o (MORE)

What is desiccants?

desiccant is one type of moisture adsorbent products like silica gel,molecular sieve,activated alumina,silica gel powder,silica gel pillow pak, etc. that all products are call (MORE)

What is a desiccant?

The definition of desiccant is a substance that has hygroscopicproperties. It is a drying agent and it will remove moisture fromthe air.
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Is desiccant poisonist?

There is both poisonous and safe desiccants. A common ingredient in some, for example, is Calciumchloride - a primary component of sea salt. You should not, however, digest ei (MORE)
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What is a desiccant dehumidifier?

A desiccant home dehumidifier is a system that utilizes a desiccant content to generate a dehumidification impact. The procedure includes revealing the desiccant.