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What does a creditor do after receiving a letter to cease-and-desist phone calls and what would the results be for a debtor?

Answer . \nThey will continue to contact the person via mail, perhaps a courier service.\nSome credit counselor's believe that sending a "cease and desist' letter will caus ( Full Answer )
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How would you word a cease and desist letter to be sent to a credit card collection agency who is harassing you day and night?

Answer . To Whom It May Concern:\n. \nIn response to your constant phone calls and in accordance with FDCPA (15 USC 1692c) Section 805(c), I am exercising my legal rights ( Full Answer )
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How serious is it if you receive an out of state 'cease and desist' order claiming copyright infringement on public photos and harassment?

Answer . \nA 'cease and desist' notice from an authorized source is a warning of sorts, that precedes a "Right To Cure" notice. The business or individual sending the not ( Full Answer )
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What happens if a creditor receives a cease and desist letter from a debtor?

Answer . Then the creditor must cease any attempt to collect the debt. It means the creditor is not allowed to call debtor, or send the bill to debtor's address or to make ( Full Answer )
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What does cease and desist mean?

Answer . A 'Cease & Desist Order' means:. 'Cease' means to stop and 'Desist' means not to do it again. This comes into effect when there is a dispute about something. A pe ( Full Answer )
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Stop temporary cease and desist?

Stop means to stop something from moving. Temporary means somethingthat does not last. Cease means to put an end to a given activity.Desist means to refrain fro doing somethin ( Full Answer )
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How do you create a cease and desist letter?

A Notice of Cease & Desisit Acknowledgement is drafted against a creditor in an attempt used to stalemate or discontinue further collection activities against a creditor. In o ( Full Answer )
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How do you create a cease and desist letter against an ex spouse?

Cease & Desist Order Against Ex Spouse: . You would have to see a lawyer to have this done (I've had it done with my first husband) but, beware .... depending on how misera ( Full Answer )
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How do you write a cease and desist letter?

The basic components of a cease and desist letter are to state whatyou would like the other party to stop doing and give them a timeframe to stop doing it in. These letters ca ( Full Answer )
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How were desistions made by the Constitutional Convention?

Decisions were made by the Constitutional Convention concerning thefounding of the US. They agreed to be a committee of the wholewhich means decisions were made through back a ( Full Answer )
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What instances can you issue Cease and desist for ex mother-in-law?

If anyone is harassing you in any way by phone calls, sending the police with false allegations against you; harassing you at your place of work; making problems in your relat ( Full Answer )
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What is desisted?

The word 'desisted' means to cease or stop; it comes from the French interpretation of a Latin word.
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How do you get a cease and desist order removed?

File a motion before the same court where the order was issued, and present evidence and testimony why it should not be quashed or withdrawn.
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Cease and desist letter to creditor?

Need a sample of a cease and desist letter to creditor stating I cannot pay bill right now.
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Does a Cease and Desist letter only apply to third party debt collectors?

Not just bill collectors. Under the federal Fair Debt Collection Act it can be any third party, anybody but he creditor itself, such as the creditors attorney or a bill collec ( Full Answer )
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What is the antonym for the word desist?

Antonyms for the word desist: carry on, continue, endure, go on, keep on, persevere, restart, resume
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What is 'Cease and desist' when translated from English to Italian?

Cessa e desisti! informally and Cessi e desista! formally are literal Italian equivalents of the English phrase "Cease and desist!" The respective pronunciations of the pre ( Full Answer )
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What happens when a debtor sends a cease and desist all communication letter to a creditor?

It depends on the laws of the country you're in. Here in the UK, a letter like that wouldn't be sent by the debtor. A cease and desist notice would be sent by a third-party ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the word 'desist'?

The word 'desist' can be found in the Oxford English dictionary. The meaning of the word 'desist' is to cease or abstain and therefore stop something from taking place.
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What does it mean to cease and desist?

Cease means to stop and desist means to not do it again. To cease and desist tells a person to stop doing something and not do it again in the future.
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What are the verb forms of desist?

Desist is a verb, its forms are: base verb -- desist third person singular -- desists past -- desisted past participle -- desisted present participle -- desisting