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How do you dial 411?

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Why do you have to dial 1?

1 is the country code of the US. If you are outside of the US, you must dial 1 before any number to reach any number within the US. Every country has a different country code ( Full Answer )
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How do you dial 911?

you pick up the phone and push the big 9 then you see the big 1 and push it two times, that is how you diale 911
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How do you dial an extension?

If you are within the same company or campus telephone system, just dial the extension number. If you are calling in from the public telephone network, you may dial a main num ( Full Answer )
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What is a dial tone?

The noise you hear when you pick up a telephone to tell you it is working and waiting for you to dial a number.
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What is dial-up?

Dial-up internet is the connection of a computer to the internet using a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) phone line. Digital data is converted into an analog sound to be tra ( Full Answer )
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What does the dial on a watch do?

The dial does nothing, actually. On the dial there are numbers or symbols that indicate the hour of the day in a clockwise fashion.
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Who is valentine dial?

I believe you may be referring to Valentine Dyall. Valentine Dyall was a British actor Born on 7 May 1908 and who died on 24 June 1985. He appeared in several Dr Who ep ( Full Answer )
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How do you dial star68?

Press the star key (*). . Press the 6 key. . Press the 8 key.
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What does dialing 100 do?

That depends on where you're dialing from. In North America (USA, Canada, etc.), dialing 100 will get you anerror recording telling you that you have dialed an invalid number ( Full Answer )
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What does dialing 911 do?

It connects you to an emergency operator who can connect you to police, fire department or other enmergency personel; or dispatch them for you.
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How do I dial the U.K.?

Replace the initial zero with +44 The meaning of "+" depends on the country you are calling from.
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What does dialing 69 do?

Dialling 69 on its own will normally be ignored by a phone as it is too short to be a normal phone number. However, *69 is often used for call return - the service that tells ( Full Answer )
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What is vioce dial?

Voice dial is a voice recognition system used by many cell phones. You say the number and it will come up on your LCD screen so you can make calls without using the keypad.
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How do you dial US?

It is impossible to say unless you state where you are calling from. The USA uses country code +1
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What does dial mean?

Dial may mean: . -dial, the suffix for dialdehydes (a molecule with two aldehyde groups) . 'dial.' can be an abbreviation for 'dialect' . Dial (measurement), a display dev ( Full Answer )
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What are clock dials?

Clock dials are used on analog- style (as opposed to digital) clocks and watches. The other term for a clock dial is a clock face, or clockface. It is the part of the clock w ( Full Answer )
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How do i dial internationally?

To dial an international call, dial: . your international access prefix (e.g., 00, 011, 010, 0011, etc.) . the telephone country code (e.g., +1 for US/Canada, +44 for UK, ( Full Answer )
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What do you dial for roaming?

With most providers, you don't need to dial anything to activate roaming. It's entirely automatic.
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What is dial up and how do you get it?

Its when you connect through the Internet just through your Telephone Line (No Router) Its very slow and costs a lot. If you want it instead of a Router, Go to your Nearest Co ( Full Answer )
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How do you dial overseas?

First, you need to know the telephone number in full international format. That starts with a country code, such as +1, +44, or +679. (Country codes always start with a plus s ( Full Answer )
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What is a dialing pause?

A dialing pause is exactly what it sounds like. It is a brief pausebetween dialed digits, for example to allow time for a secondarydial tone.
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What was Dialing for Dollars?

Dialing for Dollars was a franchized local TV game show in the1950's to 1970's. The host would select a telephone number and callit; if the person answering the telephone coul ( Full Answer )
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How do you dial the Philippines?

Dial your international access number (011 from the US), then 63 for the country code, next is area code, then the destination number
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What is the synonym for dial?

Definition - tune to desired position. Synonyms - punch, ring, rotate, turn, twist, wheel, zero in on.
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How do you dial Canada?

If you are calling from the United States, just dial 1 + area code+ number, the same as a long distance call within the US. (Note,however, that international rates may apply.) ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for dial?

I couldn't wait to tell Meg about what I learned, so I dialed her number then and there. . The toddler turned the dial on his toy to point to the chicken.
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What is a dialed scooter?

Dialed means that there are no rattles. For example, leave one of your bolts loose and hear the rattle. That rattle is what you want none of when you drop your scooter.
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How do you dial 311?

Press the button with the "3" on it. . Press the button with the "1" on it. . Press the button with the "1" on it again.
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What is speed dialing?

Speed dialing is a system that allows you to dial an abbreviatedcode (usually one or two digits) instead of dialing the entiretelephone number. You must program your speed dia ( Full Answer )
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What is war dialing?

War dialing is using an automated system to dial every telephonenumber in a given area, usually looking for computer modems. It isillegal in many places.
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How to get phone to dial out?

If a phone is in a business, all you usually have to do is dial '9'and wait for a regular dial tone.
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How do you dial jalisco?

The telephone country code for Mexico is +52. There are severaldifferent area codes for different parts of the state of Jalisco.For example, Guadalajara is area code 33 and Pu ( Full Answer )
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What is butt-dialing?

Butt-dialing is a term used for accidentally dialing a cellphone. This usually happens when someone has their cellphone in a back pocket when they sit down. This can cause but ( Full Answer )
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Is dialed a verb?

Yes, it is a form of the verb "to dial." It is the past tense andthe past participle of the verb, and may also be used as anadjective (e.g. dialed phone numbers).