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Where to get dig in sapphire?

The TM dig is obtained from a little boy in the fossil maniacs house west from fallarbor town.
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How do you dig a grave?

Ask someone how deep a grave is. The answer they give you is 6. WRONG! The modern grave is only 4 feet deep. Why? Caskets used to be made of wood instead of the modern means. ( Full Answer )
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How do you get dig on ruby?

go to fallabor town and go to the west. there is a house and if you explore it you will find dig.
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How do get dig on ruby?

easy peasy diggy squeezy . You have to restart your game and turn off when you first save.
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Where do you get TM dig?

depends what version ur playing... . in ruby and sapphire u can get it on route 114. and emerald MIGHT be the same. . in leafgreen and firered u can get it in cerulean city ( Full Answer )
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Why do dogs dig?

It is an instinct they get from their ancestors the wolves. Wolves naturally dig to bury leftover scraps and that is what your dog is doing.
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Where can you get dig on emerald?

go to the fossil maniac's house in fallabor town and talk to the boy standing beside a tunnel, and he will give you the TM dig. :)
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How do you dig a chick?

could you be a bit more specific? dig a chick as in chat up or as in actually dig a abby chicken?
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Do possums dig?

Neither possums nor opossums, which are unrelated, dig holes andare not a threat to people or most pets. They can be a nuisancenear homes where they may get into garbage, bird ( Full Answer )
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What Digging in volleyball?

The word digging in volleyball stands for when you are going down and hit the floor with your kneepads and hit the floor and bump the ball!!! Also most people call the person ( Full Answer )
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Why do foxes dig?

They do this as adults to build dens to have young in and also to hide food they have recently collected from others until it is hungry again later when it will retrieve it ag ( Full Answer )
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How dig is the universe?

The universe is so big that in every empty spot in the average night sky there are thousands of galaxies
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What are digs in volleyball?

A dig is pretty much a dive or getting down on your knees to hit a ball.
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How do you dig in Ruby?

you find the TM dig and use it on a Pokemon then while its in your party goto a cave/dungeon and use dig to return to the begining.
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What is dig in volleyball?

Someone has to 'dig' from a ball when it is almost to drop on the floor. What you do is, you dive towards the ball with your arm stretched out and try to get underneath the ba ( Full Answer )
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What is a dig in vollyball?

In volleyball, a dig is when a back-row player passes up a ball that has been hit by a player on the other team across the net with their forearms
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What is dig?

TO DIG is to physically remove something using force. You can use a shovel, or other sharp gardening tools.
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When and where did you dig?

In Pokemon red/blue, You should be able to grab Dig(TM28) in Cerulean City in a storyline fight, and you can teach dig to Diglett (common) or Dugtrio (rare) in Diglett's cave, ( Full Answer )
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How do you dig a hole without digging?

You could shoot a hole into the ground without digging just has to a very powerful projectile
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How do you dig in HorseIsle?

To dig, all you need to do is stand on top of the area in which you are going to dig and then you click on the wrench at the bottom right corner of the game screen and then yo ( Full Answer )
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What does 'dig you' mean?

A few variations but I think the most common 3 would be "I understand you" and "I like you" and "I think you're cool".
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How do archiologist dig?

They dig with very small chisels and scrape dirt of the ground sothey don't damage artifacts but mainly they hire workers
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Why do shitszus dig?

Most small breed dogs dig out of either boredom, or excess energy. As a rule they have alot of energy and you may notice they run around alot. This is pretty normal behavior u ( Full Answer )
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What is Single Digging?

Single digging is where you only dig down about a foot, or the depth of the spade.
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Where can get the TM dig?

well in emerald you get it from this kid ,in a house to the left of fallarbor, the fossil maniac's house. talk to the kid with pinkish hair and hell give you the TM dig!
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Who digs the tunnels?

There are practical reasons to dig a tunnel, like to reach adeposit of coal, or diamonds, or some other vein of preciousmaterial; to move people, maybe on subway trains, more ( Full Answer )
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What do raccoons dig with?

Raccoons will usually dig with their front paws I think anyways because when I trap them the always try to dig out with the fronts paw claws
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Do echidnas dig?

Yes. The echidna has sharp claws for digging, and this ability to dig effectively is helped by its compact, muscular body shape and strong forelegs. When threatened, they can ( Full Answer )
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Do Beagles dig?

all dogs do but depending on thier size depends on the size of the hole
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How does a warthog dig?

this is all about a worthog: I t is a measure of the iconic status of this small and (let's be honest here) astonishingly ugly pig that one of the world's most fearsome com ( Full Answer )
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Why do tortoises dig?

To dig a hole in soft sandy ground for their eggs to be stored in until they hatch. The tortoise buries their eggs and then leaves them. The mother tortoise will never have an ( Full Answer )
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Why dig to the frostline?

Because the frost can settle around things and shift them about.Pipes, conduits and such that are buried beneath the frost line aremuch more likely to stay in place.
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You can dig in there?

The word 'you' is the subject of the sentence. The personal pronoun 'you' takes the place of the noun (or name)for the person spoken to. The words 'can dig' is the verb c ( Full Answer )