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Where did dips originate from?

The first recorded instance of a dip or a sauce is the AncientRoman and Greek sauce garum. It was a fish based condiment made byfermenting sardines or anchovies with larger fi ( Full Answer )
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What is dipping?

Dipping is when you insert a large finger pinch of chewing tobacco into your cheeck
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How do you dip?

Just put it in your lip and spit. Take a pinch of the dip, if youare a starter take a small pinch and put it in the back of yermouth between your cheek and your gums. Do not s ( Full Answer )
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What can dip do to you?

Dip, or snuff, can cause mouth, throat, and gum cancer. It can also slowly erode your gum line.
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What is the best dip to dip?

Depends mostly on personal preference, but I would say skoal spearmint. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ na.. the best dip is grizzly wintergreen and/or Cop ( Full Answer )
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What is a dip well?

In an ice cream store, the dip well is where they put the spades and scoops to rinse the ice cream off of them. Usually has running water to it.
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Does dip have calories?

yes, all foods contain calories, that's why we call them FOODS; we EAT them to get ENERGY (same as calories). It usually has quite a lot too, it varies a lot but I would ch ( Full Answer )
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How do you get used to dipping?

well, i think youre talking about the buz it gets you, the more you dip the less heavy the buz is thats why you see people packing bigger lips after months, ive dipped for 2 y ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with dips?

blips clips hips lips quips rips sips slips snips tips trips ships skips whips yips zips
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What is dipping a woman?

If I've been taught right, it is when a woman's dance partner grabs her back, and leans her back.....errrr...haven't been dancing in forever!!!!!