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What does 'dire straits' mean?

Answer . It means you are in a very dangerous or precarious position.. When you are threading your way through troubles as if you were traversing a dangerously narrow pass ( Full Answer )
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What is a dire wolf?

A dire wolf is a wolf that lived quite some time ago. There was nothing too special about it, but it no longer exists. Another possible animal you may be talking about is t ( Full Answer )
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What is voir dire?

Voir dire refers to the questioning of prospective jurors, during the jury selection process, by the judge and attorneys. It is used as a means to determine a bias in any juro ( Full Answer )
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How big were dire wolves?

The were a bit larger than normal size wolf, ranging in weight from about 110 lbs to 174 lbs. The Dire Wolf also had shorter front legs then today's wolf. The did hunt in pack ( Full Answer )
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What did the dire wolf eat?

Dire wolves were predators much like the Timber Wolf is today. They would've hunted down bison, deer, wild horse, etc.
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Did dire straits have a movie song?

Yeah movie called cal dire straits did the songs main one is called " the long road" theme from cal
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What is the origin of the phrase dire straits?

The etyomology of the phrase "dire straits" is believed to have been started in the 15th century from the many straits around the world that sailors needed to navigate their v ( Full Answer )
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Ca veut dire french for what?

"Ca veut dire" is French for "That is to say". It translates to "it means"; for example, " 'hello' veut dire bonjour en français" (hello means bonjour in French).
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What is dired meaning?

Dire is defined as an extremely serious or urgent warning orthreat. This usually refers to a situation or event with presagingdisaster.
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What are the caps in dire dire docks in Mario 64?

There are two caps in Dire Dire Docks in Super Mario 64. You can find them by going through the underwater tunnel in the first part. It is located to your left when you first ( Full Answer )
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How did dire wolves die?

The dire wolf was alive in the time of the iceage, Grey wolves were also living then as well. There is two theories as to why the Dire wolf did not make it but their cousin th ( Full Answer )
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Where is the band dire straits fom?

Mark Knopfler is from Newcastle England, when Newcastle football team play at their home ground just before the team run out they all ways play a dire straits song.
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How do you use the word dire in a sentence?

The shed is in a dire need of repair. . This is a dire warning to do as you are told! . The coal industry is in dire straits these days. . The hotel we stayed in was ( Full Answer )
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Number of syllables are in dire?

The word dire has 2 syllables. The majority of the time, we pronounce it quickly and blend the word together, making it sound as though it is just one, it is in fact two: DI-r ( Full Answer )
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What was the height of a dire wolf?

The dire wolf was about 2 feet tall. They weighed over 100 poundsand lived in various places throughout North America.
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When did the dire wolf go extinct?

Along with mammoths and mastodons, the Dire Wolf died off between 10-16,000 years ago. Source:
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How long does dire maul take?

The average time it takes me with all 5 party members at dungeon level is 30 - 35 minutes.
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What states are in dire need of teachers?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the job outlook for teachers. Employment of preschool, kindergarten, elementary, m ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell dire?

That is the correct spelling of "dire" (extreme, severe). The sound-alike words are dier (one who dies) and dyer (one who dyes cloth or leather).
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How do you pass the dire dire docks in super Mario 63?

Mario 63 is an online flash game that is a combo of 64 and Sunshine. To pass the easiest part of Dire Dock, you must: . Fall to the bottom of the lake in the beginning. . Wa ( Full Answer )
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Que veut dire malfaçon?

Le mot "malfaçon" est souvent utilisé comme étant l'équivalent de vice de la chose vendue alors que le vocable ne devrait être utilisé que pour caractéris ( Full Answer )
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What color is the dire wolf?

Because we have only found the bones of dire wolves, it is impossible to know what color they were. It would be reasonable to guess that they were gray or black, like modern ( Full Answer )
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What do yall do diring your free time?

Probably the same things you like. I like Arcades, reading, hot rods & Ebay amongst other things.
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Je voulais te dire?

I wanted to tell you ... je voulais te dire que je t'attends : I wanted to tell you that I am waiting for you
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How do you write dire in a sentence?

The hurricane victims are in dire need of clean water, food and shelter. Our family was in dire financial straights when Dad lost his job. Since fire destroyed their home, t ( Full Answer )
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What is a dire and Sam?

I'm not sure what a dire and sam are, but a sire and dam are the parents of an animal, usually a horse. Sire is the father, and dam the mother
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Sentence for the word dire?

Due to the dire circumstances with which they were trapped in, the leader quickly decided to sacrifice himself for the sake of the others.
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What is a sentence using the word direful?

The weatherman's repeated direful warnings of imminent tornadoswill ultimately save many lives. That was a direful weather forecast.
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Is voir dire important to attend?

Yes, or you could be charged for failing to show up for jury duty. You can't come and go as you please. This is the time where the prospective jurors are polled to find out if ( Full Answer )
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How large were dire wolves?

Canis Dirus, better known as the Dire wolf, lived on earth approximately 10,000 years ago and reigned as a top predator for nearly 2 million years. Though generally larger tha ( Full Answer )
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Was a dire wolf strong?

They have been known to rip the heads off of people yes they arevery strong do not mess with a dire wolf you will die and fast butpainful death.
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What were the characteristics of the dire wolf?

The dire wolf was a relative of the modern-day wolf. It was distinct from other wolves by being even more specialized for eating meat. It was also stronger, capable of dealing ( Full Answer )
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What does term dire struts originate?

The term is actually dire straits. A strait is a narrow passagethat a ship would travel passing from the sea to a harbor. Diremeant dangerous. The original dire strait would b ( Full Answer )
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What is the dire wolf?

The Dire Wolf is a wolf that lived 10,000, years ago. It is twotimes bigger then the average Timber Wolf. These wolves died outbecause of a sticky tar, would rise from above t ( Full Answer )