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What is RAID discs?

There are no RAID "DISCS". RAID (Redundent Array of Independent Disks) is a method of storing data on separate hard drives in order to either increase data transfer speed or t (MORE)
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What do the discs on the spine do?

Answer . the discs in you spine help to support your body when you are doing things like heavy lifting
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What are the intervertebral discs?

Answer . Think of them as gel-filled shock absorbers between the bones that make up your back-bone, your spine.
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How do you clean discs?

i use alcohol not beer the stuff that doctors use heres how 1.take a cloth(or a shirt) and pour a little alcohol on it. 2.rub the wet part on the back of the disc. 3. take ano (MORE)
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What is pale optic discs?

The optic disc is the beginning of the optic nerve as all the lightcollecting nerves bundle together and leave the eye en route to thevision areas of the brain. The normal co (MORE)
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What year was the compact discs invented?

The original prototypes for the compact disc were madeindependently in the mid-to-late 1970s by Phillips and Sony. Thetechnology was in place by 1979 but would not become comm (MORE)
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What do spinal discs do?

Spinal discs act as a cusion between individual vertebrea.
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What is a music discs?

A music disc is like a movie disc, e xcept it just plays music and not a video, if your talking about minecraft ( the game, then it is a disc you put in a j (MORE)
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How do you burn discs?

Before you start, :Put a clear disc inside the slot. (This means that the disc was never used) 1.Download game/movie on system. 2.Go to your documents/favorites/_______
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Where can you fix discs at?

Most video rentals and CD and game stores usually have resurfacing machines, but make sure they have a machine and not one of those cheapo devices. Those usually destroy discs (MORE)
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Why doesn't PS3 read discs?

The PS3 does read discs, if yours doesn't and it's new then turn it back in because it is defective.
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Why wont my PS3 read the discs?

Its Probably because of dust inside the console. If its not that, try using the Recovery Menu. Go on Youtube to find out how to access the Recovery Menu
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What will fix xbox discs best?

When my Halo disc got scratched and no longer worked to say the least i was LIVID!! but i used furniture polish like Mr Muscle, and a polish cloth gave it a good scrub ran it (MORE)
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Can picture vinyl discs be played?

They can be played but they don't sound very good and they're very noisy. They're made more for looks than sound quality.
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Who makes Blu-ray discs?

Originally developed by Sony List:
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Where do you fix damaged Wii discs?

it depends on how the disc is damaged. if the disc is scratched you can buy a kit to repair it. however, large gouges in the disc or cracks all the way through cannot be r (MORE)
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Are game discs the same as CD discs?

Older game discs are the same as CD's but newer games are recorded on DVD's, but they will not play in a CD player or DVD player deck. If you try to play them that way you wil (MORE)
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What are discs?

Discs are pads of fiber and cartilage that contain rubbery tissue
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What is a unremarkable discs?

Unremarkable in medical terms means normal. Your result is good news.
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What to do with scratched discs?

Cover the affected area in peanut butter using ur finger. Then wipe the peanut butter away from the inside of the disk to the outside edge using a non abrasive rag. Fixed.