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What is the difference between DIT DIF?

DIT is decimation in time. The input signal must already be available in bit-reversed format. This is the top-down approach where the entire time signal is split into two halv ( Full Answer )
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Hoe gaan dit?

Hoe gaan dit means is the Afrikaans for "How are you?" or "how is it going?" It is used to greet friends. Literally it translates as How goes it?
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What is dit?

"Dit" is the conjugated from the french verb Dire, which means to say, in the third person. For example, if one wants to say "he says" or "she says" then one would write or
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What is a DIT motor?

DIT motors are Direct Injection Turbo engines. It has a naturallyaspirated engine with a ratio of 1:1 stroke x bore generally 86 x86mm. It supports higher operational speeds a ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of 'Comment dit-on fille en anglais'?

The question 'Comment dit-on fille en anglais' means How do you say girl in English . In the word-by-word translation, the adverb 'comment' means 'how'. The verb 'dit' means ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove a drill dit from a drill with a keyless chuck?

If you have the drill in your hand with the chuck away from you, if the rotation goes clockwise it is going forward and if it is counterclockwise it is going in reverse. When ( Full Answer )
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Comment dit on pie francais?

if your reffering to the food its: une tarte. If you want to say for example apple pie it would be tarte aux pommes.
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In genealogy what does dit mean - example Marie Martin dit St. Jean?

'dit' does not come from genealogy, but from names. It means 'said' or 'called'. That introduces another part of the name, which was intended to differentiate people more easi ( Full Answer )
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Is Graphic Era better then DIT?

see dit is definitely better then graphic era,however colleges get filled like below: pantnagar. gbpant,pauri kec,dwarahat birla institute of applied sciences,bhimtal dit,deht ( Full Answer )
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Hallo hoe gaan dit en what is jou naam?

"Hallo, hoe gaan dit" = Hello, how is it going? or Hello, how are you doing? "Wat is jou naam" = What is your name?
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What does 'Hoe gaan dit' mean in Afrikaans?

'Howzit' The literal translation into English is "How goes it?" It's the equivalent of "How are you?" or "What's up?" or "How're you doin'?" In "South Africanese," the sim ( Full Answer )
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What is the syllabus in DIT?

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) (PAPER- 1) Total Th Hrs 40 Total Pr Hrs 40 Total Th Mks 100 Total Pr. Mks 50 OBJECTIVES. This course ( Full Answer )
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Difference between DIT DIF?

the diff between the two lies in their very names - decimation is time and decimation in freq. when u say decimation on time, u will consider the individual samples(actuall ( Full Answer )
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What does dit klop net nie mean in English?

It is probably a dialect, problably from Drenthe, Groningen or a Frisian dialect. They are different from regular Dutch and can mean different things. For example: "'t ken ne ( Full Answer )
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Is computer courses of c-dit approved bY psc?

CDit's data entry course is PSC aproved only for the basic qualification of LD Typist. All other courses are not aproved by Kerala PSC.
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What does 'Ca ne me dit rien' mean?

Ça ne me dit rien means "I don't feel like it," but if each word is separately translated, the sentence would read "It tells me nothing." You usually say Ça ne me dit ( Full Answer )
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What does Dit mean in a last name dit Picard?

I don't think that's a last name, it is usually what they say when they are renaming someone/ using an alias. Example : François-Marie Arouet dit Voltaire. François-Mar ( Full Answer )
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What does je t'ai dit mean?

je t'ai dit means I have told you The t' is the way of saying tu without having two vowels next to each other
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How dit Cleopatra die?

No one knows how Cleopatra died. All anyone knows is that it was some type of quick acting poison. No one knows how Cleopatra died. All anyone knows is that it was some type ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find information about DIT?

The acronym DIT can mean a lot of things. If one means with DIT dual inheritance theory, one could read the book "Culture and the Evolutionary Process", although some foreknow ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Andrew Dits been in?

Andrew Dits has: Played Security Guard in "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 1987. Performed in "Dark Threads" in 2009. Played Red Estates Townsperson in "Futurestates" in 2010. ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Dit Is Het Begin - 2012?

The cast of Dit Is Het Begin - 2012 includes: Ricardo Blei as Techno kid Alice Eefting as Techno kid Pepijn Eijgenraam as Victor Gerben Eilander as Petrus Joanne Hartogs as Mo ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in On fait comme on a dit - 2000?

The cast of On fait comme on a dit - 2000 includes: Ruben Ayere as Brigadier Bernard Cormerais as Policier 2 Brigitte Defrance as Dame au chien Claude Duparfait as Policier 1 ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Dit is ek - 2011?

The cast of Dit is ek - 2011 includes: Wendy Bos as Stacey Morgan Emma Caravias as Forensic Photographer Mark Kenfield as Jared Valance Jeremy Kewley as Sargent Kinney Blessin ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Her er dit liv - 1983?

The cast of Her er dit liv - 1983 includes: Claes Antonsen as Himself - Musician Remee as himself Fuzzy as himself Svend Auken as himself Peter Belli as himself Diana Bennewei ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Dit Sang Ho written?

Dit Sang Ho has written: 'An econometric study of the relationship between international and domestic prices in the Japanese economy ...'