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Where does the djembe come from?

The djembe drum originated in the West African region of Africa. The top is made from animal skins. There are lots of different kinds of djembe drums.
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How is the Djembe drum played?

The sitting position is probably the most common position when playing the djembe. Sit on the front edge of a chair and place the djembe drum between your legs gripping each s ( Full Answer )
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What country does the djembe come from?

The djembe does not come from any particular country, rather it comes from the Western region of Africa which is composed of several countries.
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What is a Djembe drum?

A djembe drum is a goblet shaped drum made out of a peice of wood and goatskin. It is supposed to be played with the bare hands. This drum comes from the west of Africa. those ( Full Answer )
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What is a Djembe made of?

Answer: Answer The D'jembe is made from goat skin and originally lenge wood, although modern drums can be made from most materials. Answer A djembe is made from a li ( Full Answer )
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What is a djembe fola?

The direct translation of Djembefola is " one who gives the djembe voice ". A djembefola is a djembe player - Not just any Djembe player, but one who is competent after havi ( Full Answer )
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When was the djembe invented?

Djembe drum was believed created by Mandinke or the Mali tribe onthe 12th century. The name of the drum was derived from a sayingthat means ""everyone gather together in peace ( Full Answer )
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What is a djembe made from?

original Djembes are made from a hollowed down log( or piece of wood) and have a goats skin top but modern day ones are made from fibre glass and have a plastic skin. also the ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the djembe drum?

the djembe drum was invented in west africa.i dont know who invented it though. sorry
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What does the djembe drum name mean?

"Anke djé, anke bé" which literally translates to "everyone gather together in peace" and defines the drums purpose In the Bambara language, "djé" is the verb for "ga ( Full Answer )
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How do you tune a rope djembe?

Tuning a Djembe . There are very clear instructions -- accompanied by diagrams -- on a website called -- see the Related Link.
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How is a djembe played?

You hit it with your hands, sitting down. When you hit the centre of the djembe with the palm of your hand it is called 'bass' when you hit the sides with your fingers togethe ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a djembe?

first you get two plastic containers. one is smaller thanthe other then you get abed skdhvuydrialyvrntliuenyauiretnvurnlivuynl vu yuynoiruynoiufybcnoiulynaoeuibvyeuoanyaury an ( Full Answer )
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How does the djembe drum make its sound?

When you hit the top of the drum (also known as the head), the sound vibrates down through the drum and out through the hollow hole at the bottom. This is why professional dru ( Full Answer )
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How old is the Djembe?

It is believed that the Djembe was developed about 1200 AD. It is acommon drum instrument that is find in several countries in WestAfrica.
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Is a djembe drum a precussion instrument?

Anything that isn't strummed to be played, stringed, or blown into to produce a noise would be a percussion instrument.
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Which animal skin is on the djembe drum?

Typically, the skin of the djembe is made from goatskin, but is sometimes made from antelope, zebra, deer or calfskin.
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What is a djembe and how does it work?

An African hand drum made from goat skin, wood, and rope. It works by playing on the skin with the bare hands to produce a base, tone, and slap sounds.
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What is the definition of djembe?

It is a hand drum shaped like a large goblet and is meant to be played with bare hands.
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Does a djembe drum make a high or low pitch sound?

it makes both... on the edges if tumed right you can have a crisp sharp sound, but with your hand cuped and hitting the middle you will have the djembes deep bass rumble:)
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Is djembe a type of African drum?

Yes - it is hourglass shaped and traditionally held between the legs (while standing) by a rope or string that holds the drum and goes around your waist.
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What is Djembe in music?

Djembe is a type of drum, played by slapping it and I think it's from africa? Please correct me if I'm mistaken
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What is a djembe drum used for?

A djembe drum is used as a musical instrument. It is played using the hands rather than drum sticks that a more traditional drum uses. It originates from West Africa.
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What is Remo Djembe famous for?

Remo Djembe is famous for making African style percussion instruments that can be found at Guitar Center. There are many different designs and you can buy one for about $250