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How do you undo the highlighter on Google Docs?

Most features in Google Docs operate using binary logic, meaning that the feature is either 'on' or 'off'. You can undo highlighting by selecting the highlighed material and (MORE)
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How do you download Florida condo docs?

By 'condo docs', regardless of the state, you might mean the Florida State Law that governs condominiums, or the governing documents for your community's private democracy (wh (MORE)
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What is Google Docs for?

Sharing with Multiple People working on the Same Document, Great for a Business or just Personal Use.
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What is Google Docs?

It a simply a document reader/writer like Microsoft word, but from here you can access your documents from any computer using you Google account. You can also Make Presentat (MORE)
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How do you put a header on a Google Docs?

Header is typically the name of a style, which includes the font, font size, alignment and so forth. You have several options: . You can develop a Header style in a Google (MORE)
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What are the disadvantages of Google docs?

There may be language limitations to Google Docs, where more commercial products are widely available, worldwide, in native languages. Google Docs is not robust in the comme (MORE)
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How do you spell check on Google Docs?

Spell-check is turned on automatically. Mis-spelled words are underlined by a string of tiny dots, some see as red. You can right-click the underlined word and chose your spel (MORE)
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How do you use Google Docs on moodle?

You may be able to find the answer you want on the Moodle site, since this is not a Google Docs question -- it is a Moodle question.
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How do you insert music on Google Docs?

Your answer depends on the type of document you want to work with. For example, you can Insert a Video into a Presentation, or Insert a Link into a Document. (Italic (MORE)
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How do you crop on a Google Docs image?

It is impossible. You would have to manually crop an image using Paint or a similar program, then bring it from that program into Google Docs.
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When can Google docs be useful?

The office suite in question would be useful for dealing with spreadsheets and documents in real time while online. This allows for storage and use away from the computer of o (MORE)
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What is MS docs?

A format extension, like PDF etc etc