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What is a doc file?

A document file format is a text or binary file format for storing documents on a storage media, especially for use by computers. There currently exist a multitude of incomp (MORE)
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What does doc stand for?

Doctor, Department Of Corrections or Disciples Of Christ.. Document, as in a .DOC
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What is up Doc?

Well there is the sky, the ceiling, this computer as I reach for my pencil, the teacher standing behind me with those really freaky looking eyes [Ms. Day],Santa Claus outside (MORE)
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What up doc?

nothin. nothin
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What rhymes with doc?

Cock, mock, sock, talk, block, croc, flock, lock, shock, stock, smock, jock, knock, rock,
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Why is Doc from the Seven Dwarfs called Doc?

The character is a medical doctor, and wears Glasses also. ( rare in cartoons except for characters who are objects of ridicule. By tjhe way the female doctors in Wonder Woma (MORE)
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What is doc format?

Default type of file Microsoft word saves as.
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What is the doc adapter for?

Dock Adapter, which allows iPod nano to fit accessories made by third-party companies who are part of the Made for iPod program.
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What is a Doc in a Box?

It's a pejorative term for a walk-in urgent care center.
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How do you convert a power point doc to an open office doc?

Powerpoint files can be opened in the Open Office Presentation section. Select a New Presentation from the File menu. Select the Open Existing Presentation option. Click the O (MORE)
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Who is Doc Mentillo?

He is a writer also known as Chris Mentillo
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Doc Mentillo - Chris Mentillo is alive and well, for now. He currently resides in Boston Massachusetts and New York.
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What is Doc short for?

The Doc is the abbreviation of Doctor or the physician as is called. The second short form is Documents. Documents mean some papers, which may or may not have legal validity. (MORE)
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What is the name 'Doc' as in Doc Shaw short for?

"Doc" is the shortened form of doctor . As a proper name (rather than a title) "Doc" is of Welsh origin and not short for anything - it's just a short name! It derives from (MORE)
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How did Doc Watson get his nickname of Doc?

Doc Watson said in an interview that he was doing a radio show when he was young, His full name being Arthel Watson, the radio announcer asked him what a good short nickname f (MORE)
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Where is Doc from Gunsmoke?

'Doc' or the late Milburn Stone (July 5, 1904 - June 12, 1980) is laid to rest at the El Camino Memorial Park in San Diego , Ca
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Why do you need doc?

so you know when there is something wrong with you and they can give the medication you need to get better
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What is the program for doc?

Both .doc and .docx formats are native to Microsoft Word, howeverthey can be read and modified by a number of compatible wordprocessing programs. These programs include Google (MORE)
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How do you convert a Works doc into a Word doc?

To convert a works doc (or any other document for that matter) right click the document, click open with...., click the document you wish to open it with. It will open. Then s (MORE)
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Where can you get doc mcstuffins?

Check up time! Doc McStuffins is no ordinary six-year-old girl. Dochas turned her playroom into a hospital for sick toys, includingher lovable patients Lambie, Hallie, Stuffy (MORE)
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Who is doc mcstuffins?

Doc McStuffins is a TV character that many kids like.
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What are the responsibilities of the DOC?

The responsibilities of the Department of Conservation (DOC) include protecting the environment, mapping the area, monitoring and aiding visitors, enforcing the Conservation A (MORE)