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Where is dodo?

the dodo is extinct now ,but when it was alive it lived ona island alled maurititus{morishus}.
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What is a dodos sound?

There is no record of what kind of a sound the Dodo Bird made. It'sclosest relatives now are Doves and Pigeons. You might be able toget a good perception of the Dodo's sound f ( Full Answer )
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What do dodos eat?

Dodos have been extinct since 1681, so they no longer eat anything. Prior to their extinction, dodos ate fallen fruit, especially that of the Calvaria major tree.
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Do dodos exist?

yes the dodo species did lived a long time ago and were extinct in 1681. they used to exist but we made them extinct by hunting them and eating them although then the meat mad ( Full Answer )
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What does a dodo eat?

A dodo is extinct, so it does not eat anything. Scientists speculate that when they were alive, they ate fruit, like many of today's birds. Specifically, the dodos ate fallen ( Full Answer )
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Why the dodos died out?

They were hunted intensively by travelers and introduced animals like rats, dogs, cats and pigs ate their eggs and young.
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Is the dodo Australian?

No, the Dodo was an endemic to Mauritius, meaning it originated from Mauritius. The Dodo never went to Australia and was extinct before Australia was even discovered by the Br ( Full Answer )
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What does dodo mean?

Usually means a "moron" or something to that extent. Dodo can mean moron. Or for example: if someone were to trip over their own feet, they'd be a dodo. If they were t ( Full Answer )
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What is the story of dodo?

The Dodo bird was unique to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius,off the coast of Madagascar.Being flightless,it was easy to hunt and by the late 1600's, barely 200 years of b ( Full Answer )
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What was a dodo?

The dodo is an extinct flightless bird that was endemic to theisland of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Thedodo's closest genetic relative was the also exti ( Full Answer )
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What did the dodo bird do?

The Dodo bird was a flightless bird, (unable to fly) and was discovered by explorers. The explorers told everybody about these birds and how easy to kill they were. They were ( Full Answer )
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What is the color of a dodo?

The Dodo bird was usually a light gray color with a black beak. You can see a picture of the dodo bird on the page listed in the Related Links.
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Does a dodo have hair?

no idea. i play video games, not animal study! (here's a question i answerd: "AR cheats for Pokemon pearl".)
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When did dodos exist?

The last of the dodos are believed to have died out sometime between 1662 and 1690.
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Where were dodos extinct?

Dodos were endemic to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. This is where they also became extinct.
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Are dodos dangerous?

Dodos certainly are not dangerous now - they have been extinct since the late 17th century. Nor were they dangerous prior to their extinction. They were not afraid of people ( Full Answer )
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What is the plural of dodo?

LOL it says in the category you added it in. It says dodos on the category of the answer.
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How do you make dodo?

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Where is dodo located?

dodo is located in your butt and it is green or/and brown yuk ma ha ha ha
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Is the dodo edible?

The dodo is edible, as the Dutch sailors who discovered them used to kill them for food..
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Why did the dodos die?

Man introduced species which the dodoes were not adapted to handle. As giant pigeons, they had lost the ability to fly, so it was easy for dogs to catch them. They nested on t ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get a Dodo?

Do you mean using like a skin cell and swapping it with the nucleus of something like a female chicken's Gamete(Sex Cell) then putting it back into a chicken after it being sh ( Full Answer )
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What adaptations did dodos have?

Dodos were not the 'stupid', clumsy birds many people today think they were. They had a number of adaptations that made them hardy survivors in a fairly harsh environment, unt ( Full Answer )
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Do you eat dodo?

The Dodo has been extinct since the Spanish explorers arrived in North America making it impossible to consume Dodo.
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What Did Dodos Drink?

It is the most likely answer that Dodo birds drank water, like most other animals.
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What were dodos hunted by?

dodos lived in mauritius. mauritius did not have people living on it till 15 something. the people that settled there, the dutch, hunted them for their meat and bones.
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What was the dodo like?

It was a large flightless bird with no predators. It didn't realize that humans were dangerous, so didn't react when they approached and could be clubbed to death very easily. ( Full Answer )
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What are dodos relatives?

me being a penguin i always felt that i was so close to the dodo birds. in my honest opinion i think that i am a relitive to the dodo birds and the can call me mama-sh-bu-bu
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What happened to dodo?

As usual - the human race wiped the species out ! The flightless bird was powerless to escape the explorers who discovered it - and the whole species was wiped out within a ( Full Answer )
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Who were the prey of dodo?

Dodo's were not predators, in fact on the island where they livedthere were no predators to speak of until man arrived. The bird wasso trusting and innocent the men who discov ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean to dodo?

The sayings is, 'As dead as the Dodo! So 'to dodo' is possibly toreach a dead end and be unable to complete a task, or have to giveup an enterprise, etc.
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What were the dodos weaknesses?

It was good to eat and could not fly. It was therefore eaten by manand rats got at its nests.
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How do dodo survive?

it's extinct, only 13 skeletons left in the world, 1 someonebought, while the other 12 are viewed at museums.
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What was the dodos prey?

Dodo birds were vegetarians. being flightless - they were prey forjust about every other animal - including humans.