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Is it correct to address a widow as 'Mrs. John Doe' or 'Mrs. Jane Doe'?

It depends on the individual. Some widows prefer to keep their husband's Christian name such as 'John.' Either way is correct ... John or Jane. . The usual practice is "Mrs. (MORE)
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You are looking for artist and title of painting It is a nude woman with bow and quiver of arrows overlooking dead doe?

I believe you mean Diana the Huntress by the School of Fontainebleau (Oil on wood, mid 16th century at the Louvre, Paris). This school of famous painters were primarily Fren (MORE)
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Is staying with a man who makes me feel secure instead of doe-eyed okay?

no, you need a man who makes you feel like you're the best , even on time when you look and feel like the worst. if he makes you feel like anything but beautiful, what's the p (MORE)
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What is a homophone for 'doe'?

DOUGH! So go no low foe toe bow hoe Joe Moe know Poe Quo row sew woe Yo Zoe
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What is 'DOE'?

Doe is an language spoken by the Doe people , a people of coastal Tanzania. Doe is also a river in Tennessee. Aswell as an aldult felmale animal in some species(ex. deer). As (MORE)
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What is tae-kwon-doe sparring?

It is where you can use hand and foot techniques to score points on the 2 scoring regions, these change in different clubs and countries.
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How old is Ernie K-Doe?

Ernie K-Doe was born on February 22, 1936 and died on July 5, 2001. Ernie K-Doe would have been 65 years old at the time of death or 79 years old today.
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When did Ernie K-Doe die?

Ernie K-Doe died on July 5, 2001 at the age of 65.
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How do you spell doeing?

The correct spelling is "doing" (engaged in activity).
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Why doe' s my car make a knocking sound when turning?

Suspension is the most likely cause of your knock when turning. The part responsible is probably your tie rod, which is what allows you to turn the steering knuckle. They are (MORE)
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How do you introduce the bride and groom at the reception when the bride is a physician and the husband is not. Do you ignore her M.D. and still simply announce Mr. and Mrs. John Doe?

Whether a male or female doctor they generally will either hyphenate their name or keep their professional name and you will have to find out from the bride to be what her pre (MORE)
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What instrument did Ernie k-doe play?

Although he is best known as a rhythm & blues singer, Ernie K-Doe was proficient at playing both the guitar and the drums. Neither instrument figured prominently in his career (MORE)