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What does doe stand for?

Date of Enlistment Date of Enrollment Department of Energy. It can actually stand for many things...... See Web Links to the left for a large list of possible answers
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Who is Jane doe?

Jane Doe is a name used for a woman whos name is yet to be determined
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Who is John Doe?

its a substitute name for someone who isn't known. example, the Suspect, John Doe,left this store early Sunday morning.
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How did the terms Jane Doe and John Doe originate?

Answer . It's pretty simple, at the time; Jane was the most common female name, John the most common male name, Doe the most common surname.. Heres what I came across:. I ( Full Answer )
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What is the masculine of a doe?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English usesgender specific nouns for male or female. The noun 'doe' is the gender specific noun for a female antelope,ca ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite of a doe?

A doe is a female deer... A male deer is a deer or buck. A "doe" is a female deer, that being said, a male deer is called a "buck".
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If a boy rabbit has mated with a doe will the doe also mate with him?

I have a neutered male ( Benny) and a female (Millie) living together and when they are out in a run next to another rabbit the female (Millie) normally tries to mate with Ben ( Full Answer )
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Who is john doe and Mary doe?

plaintiffs in roe vs. wade These are not their real names. John & Jane [ or Mary Doe ] are used to protect people's privacy , and are often used when real names are not wish ( Full Answer )
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Who Is Doe Boy?

Doe Boy was a rapper signed to TI's Grand Hustle records. He wasshot and killed in Montgomery, Alabama in 2013.
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What does the clavicle doe?

It acts as a strut to keep the scapula in position so the arm can hang freely.
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What rhymes with doe?

what rhymes with doe: . hoe,so,mow,go,low . thats all i can think of right know moe , woe , sew, foe
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What does voe doe Dee oh doe mean?

It's a line from a song in the 1920's ("Crazy Words, Crazy Tune"). It doesn't really mean anything -- just a nonsense phrase that caught on, like "Doh!" recently.
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What is the homophone of doe?

dough - a slang term for money. Dough can also be the name for a mixture of flour, butter, salt , sugar that is baked to make cookies or other baked goods.. doe - a female d ( Full Answer )
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What doe a hub do?

In computing an ethernet (network) hub is a device which usually looks like a small box with ethernet jacks on it which allows you to connect different devices together and al ( Full Answer )
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What are homophones for doe?

Homophones for Doe are Dough which means flour and do which is the note when u sing do re mi fa so la ti do and that is it.
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What if their real names are Jane doe and John Doe?

then those are their real names confirmed by documents available from the bodies, from the relatives, from the dental records or the many sources of information available in t ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by doe?

A doe is a female member of many families of mammals such as deer and rodents.
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What is the meaning of the DOE in the term Jane Doe?

As for Jane/John/Baby Doe, Doe is used as a placeholder name in a legal action, case or discussion for a female/male/baby party, whose true identity is unknown or must be with ( Full Answer )
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Why doe you have the sun?

Because without the Sun, the planets would never have formed, Earth would never have formed, life would never have formed, so you would never have been born, Chris Whitten wou ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean if a guy called you doe?

It what manner did he call you a doe? If you heard the song from Sound of Music, a doe is a deer, a female deer, which to most mean feminine and beauty.
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What doe a grenade tattoo symbolize?

Depending on the person it could mean any number of things, however it is most commonly associated with someone who has been in a war.
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Are you going to bang doe lyrics?

oi you are yu gunna bang oi you are yu gunna bang oi you are yu gunna bang all i wanna know are you gunna bang oi you are you gunna bang oi yu are you gunna bang ( Full Answer )
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When doe bellsprout evolve?

Bellsprout evolves at level 21 into Weepinbell. Then Weepinbell will evolve into Victreebel with a leaf stone.
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Dough and doe are what kind of words?

I believe that they are called Homonyms; words that sound the same, but spelled differently and have different meanings.
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What doe kissing fell like?

For me, it wasn't really like I expected. Lips are softer than, say, somewhere with a bone under it, like a hand. You expect them to have more resistance, but they don't reall ( Full Answer )
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What does vody o doe doe mean to Laverne and Shirley?

First, a little history. "Vo dee oh doe" (spelled many different ways) is actually an expression that goes back to a hit song written in 1926; it was later recorded in 1963 by ( Full Answer )
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What doe a highwayma do?

A highwayman used to rob people on the road, prior to the invention of cars. Modern highwaymen, usually in undeveloped countries, are usually referred to as bandits.
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What is a homophone for 'doe'?

DOUGH! So go no low foe toe bow hoe Joe Moe know Poe Quo row sew woe Yo Zoe
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What is 'DOE'?

Doe is an language spoken by the Doe people , a people of coastal Tanzania. Doe is also a river in Tennessee. Aswell as an aldult felmale animal in some species(ex. deer). As ( Full Answer )
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How did doe doe birds disappear?

the doe doe's disappeared because a massive bear wearing pants came and ate them..NOM NOM
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Gender of doe?

From the film The Sound Of Music, the song includes 'doe, a deer, a female deer'
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What doe i had but mean?

What does "if I had but" mean? For instance, "if I had but twolittle wings". I'm very confused by this