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How do you get to dos?

In any windows version, click start -> run and enter cmd or command to start DOS prompt.. Answer 1. If you are using Windows 98: click start, Shut down, select restart in ( Full Answer )
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What is DOS?

DOS is an abbreviation for Disk Operating System. Historically, not all operating systems ran off of floppy disks or hard drives, so ones that included this functionality ofte ( Full Answer )
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What are you doing in Spanish?

'What are you doing' translates to 'Lo que es usted haciendo' in Spanish. what are you doing? --> ¿Qué estas haciendo?.
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What is Eminem doing?

Eminem is a rap genius, he is one of the best rapper's in the world and is doing fine! He has released his new 2010 album "Recovery"and his new single is "I'm Not Afraid".
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What are you doing on WikiAnswers?

Answer s submitted: . Looking for answers. . Helping others on the quest for knowledge. Looking for answers. Adding questions and the like. . Not sure. I think I m ( Full Answer )
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How do you get out of doing your homework?

Best advice: do your homework, and you don't have to worry about hiding the fact that you didn't do it. Instead of putting your efforts into not doing your homework, you cou ( Full Answer )
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What are you doing in french?

Qu'est-ce que tu fais? (KES kuh tew FAY) or Que fais-tu? (kuh fay TEW) Que faites-vous? When speaking to someone you don't know.
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What doing the iTunes?

I think you want to ask what the iTunes does to your PC -or something like that well I downloaded iTunes just because of my iPod (you can't export music and pictures on iPod ( Full Answer )
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How do you get out of dos mode?

You have to just write there exit keyword.And if you have maxize screen of dos then u have to press alt+enter.. Pooja

How do I get to DOS in Windows?

From your desktop, click the start button, then click run. If you are running Windows XP then type cmd and press ENTER. If you are running Windows 98 or lower type COMMAND.COM ( Full Answer )
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How is doing nothing doing something?

One theory of choice is that you have two courses of action in any circumstance : do something or do nothing. By doing nothing, you tacitly allow things to occur without your ( Full Answer )
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What you are doing?

What are you doing its answer so simple,whatever you are doing reply you are doing a job,you are reading a book,you are eating the food,so and so,but it is not an answer in re ( Full Answer )

What is DOS and DOS shell?

DOS IS JUST Llke the operating system like window xp dosshell is the programin dos
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What would you be doing?

laid back or having fun making a new album or having fun with his family
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How do you get out of doing Irish?

get your parents to apply for an exemption from the study of Irish - not always given tho
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How is loki doing?

Well, he's suppose to be taking his punishment for killing Baldr, but I'm sure that clever rascal escaped by now.
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What do you do if you were doing the cancan?

You would kik one leg after another in time to the music, preferably in a large group, and you would all kick the leg at the same time.
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Why are the kids doing the bullying doing it?

To make themselves feel better. Bullies are immature people. They like feeling powerful, and makingother people afraid and unhappy makes them feel powerful. They arenot matur ( Full Answer )
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What you doing in pashto?

Well, Pashto is one of important language in the world, which 75% or more then that people of Afghanistan speak on this language. Also, some parts of Pakistan, Iran and some o ( Full Answer )
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What is dos squared?

Dos ("two" in Spanish) squared would be "quatro", or four. If you're working on the recent QuickCross puzzle, the answer that fits is "ocho" or eight. This isn't mathematicall ( Full Answer )
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What are the dead doing?

the good will be fetched by angels and other good spirits or they ride in a train to heaven while the murdered are staying until they have justice while the bad are fetched by ( Full Answer )
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What are the requirements of DOS?

For installing dos 6.22 version there should be: You should have bootable CD for dos 6.22 version. Create 2GB drive(i.e 2048MB) through fdisk command or win xp. Den boot fr ( Full Answer )
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How do you answer how are you doing in Spanish?

In English we commonly use "do" or a form of it in many of our questions. It is not necessary in Spanish. The way to think of it is to use "How are you?". This would be "¿C ( Full Answer )
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How is he doing in Japanese?

Polite : 'O genki desu ka ano kata wa?' Casual : 'Genki na no ka aitsu?' or 'Dou shiteru kare wa?'
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What are you doing in Brazil?

I don't know. I guess they do fishing and hunting and stuff like that because they don't have supermarkets.
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How is Toyota doing it?

Like most companies they came up with a plan to make money and now they are.
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What is the correct answer to how are you doing?

That depends on how you're doing! I think you want to know if the answer should be, "Good," or "Well." Since you need an adverb to tell about the verb doing, your answer sh ( Full Answer )
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What they are doing everyday?

wel it depends wat is doing what to find out more follow the link bellow www.justgiving/ thx for your interest xx
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Who is the father of DOS?

Tim Paterson (born 1956) is an American computer programmer, best known as the original author of MS-DOS, the most widely used personal computer operating system in the 1980s ( Full Answer )

What is DOS or PC DOS?

DOS and PC DOS are different. When we say DOS, it means Microsoft DOS or MS DOS whereas PC DOS is the different operating system (older than MS-DOS) developed by IBM. The term ( Full Answer )
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How do you answer for how you doing?

"How you doing" is like "How are you doing?" So answers could include: "Good, thank you" "Good, how about you?"
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What is Charlize doing?

You may be asking about Charlize Theron. As of August 2013, she has several movies in the works including A Million Ways to Die in the West and Murder Mystery.
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What you doing or what are you doing is correct?

What are you doing is the correct 'saying' or pronounciation. Whatyou doing' is slang and is slightly shortened to make life easier,and of course we understand it.