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Your 1989 Lincoln mark vii lsc rpms are surging when it idles doen n e one know what the problem could be you have replaced the oxygen sensors in the exhaust is there any other sensors that could be?

I had a similar problem with my '89 Mark 7 Bill Blass and after much repair in the in-take manifold area it turned out to be the EGR Valve. I can't remember exactly what EGR s ( Full Answer )
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Why doen not DVD drive read my DVD?

Go to device manager... control panel>system>hardware>device manager to check out the region code, if it is not in ur country's region, the DVD drive certainly cannot read it. ( Full Answer )
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Heyy i am amyy adb i oove this animals i would love to help them i am only 12 but ihave a grate i dea but i would love to know what is ebing doen for them right know but i would love to help?

Amy you can always help animals, even at a young age. You can start fundraising for wildlife and even go to an ASPCA near you.You can remember to crush your yogurt container, ( Full Answer )
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First business guru nanak doen?

Guru Nanak De Ji worked as an accountant at his brother in law's grocery shop. That was his work.
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What do people use to cut doen trees?

You can use a saw to cut down a tree but only if the tree belongs to you legally. Otherwise, leave it alone! A hand-saw will take a longer time and will be a lot more work tha ( Full Answer )
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What doen mass mean?

The amount of matter is mass.When it is subjected under earth's(any other planet's) gravity it becomes weight.
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Why doen pony realize he doesn't like dally?

It is because Dally is nothing like the books he has read Dally is the real thing. Everyone else is like a character form a book he read but not dally
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What doen mean mean?

mean means the average or all the numbers in the set added together and then divided by the number of numbers in the set of numbers.
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How doen you estimate an irrational number?

An irrational number has a never-ending decimal expansion. To estimate it's value, you'd just state the expansion to some number of digits. Ex: sqrt(2) is approximately 1. ( Full Answer )
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Why doen bearded dragons bob their heads?

I have owned a bearded dragon for ten years, and it is quite common for them to bob their heads. It is often taken as a sign of aggression or excitement. For example, if they ( Full Answer )