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Where can you get your nails done?

I mean you can get your nails done at any nail salon. I go to classy nails,pro nails, and other nail salons. I go to any nail salon that i can sit down and have my nails don ( Full Answer )
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What be done about smog?

to reduce smog emmisions, maybe drive less in cars and use public transport or ride a bike
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What is work done?

Work done is used as a term to communicate that a predetermined task has been completed OR to specifify a percentage of the task completed by saying that work done is at (f.i. ( Full Answer )
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How is it done?

When you finance or lease a vehicle, your creditor holds important rights on the vehicle until you've made the last loan payment or fully paid off your lease obligation. These ( Full Answer )
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Something done in secret is done?

Something done in secret is done underground, stealthily, surruptitiously, clandestinely, confidentially, covertly, slyly, furtively, sub rosa, sub judice, privately, in confi ( Full Answer )
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What are Dones?

Dones is slang. It's short for hydrocodone, which is the narcotic chemical found in Vicodin.
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How is a baptism done why is it done?

a baptism is done by praying for God to forgive you and set you free from all of you addictions,sins...etc then you get dunked under water and when you come up the old is gone ( Full Answer )
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How is moonwalk done?

You just type /moonwalk in the talking bar. Have a good time and plz add me! Vampirechick693
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Why were sacrifices done?

To confess your faith for something. People in the old testament used to offer them to false gods as a peace offering or as a way of asking for forgiveness of sins.
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Euthanasia why is it done?

Ostensibly Euthanasia's is carried out to put to an end the life of a person that no longer wishes to live. it usually refers to instances where the person to be Euthanized is ( Full Answer )
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What is done to melanthios?

His ears are cut off with a knife then his genitals are ripped off for the dogs. Then his hands and feet are hacked off.
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How is calligraphy done?

it is depends on your creation and creativity you can use it with a special to make your work .
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Where encryption done?

If we want to transmit the most secret data, we can use encryption process and transmit the data to the receiver. this process is called as encryption. regds nataraj
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When is cesarean done?

A c-section is normally performed, when the baby becomes stressed during child birth, or the mother has become too tired, or is having difficulties. Other reasons for a c-sect ( Full Answer )
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What is composting and how is it done?

Composting is the process of using decayed plant and organic materials to create a rich, dark soil mixture which is places in gardens and flower bed as an alternative to ferti ( Full Answer )
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Why research is done?

research is done to know the reason behind the that can be useful for the benefit of all the people.if it has harmful effects than it will forbid us to use a ( Full Answer )
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How can reciting be done?

when people tell you to recite something it means say exactly what they said you can also recite words by reading aloud.
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What can be done about smoking?

Well companies who sell tabaco should stop because they are ruining people's lungs and the only reason why people smoke is to show of and to fit in like in gangs outside.
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How is Beekeeping done?

Beekeeping is so enjoyable. We love it and it has become a passion of ours to help others start keeping bees. We need our bees for pollination of our fruits and vegetables. Fo ( Full Answer )
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Where is skating done?

Skating can be done at a rec-centre, a frozen pond or lake (Just make sure the ice is thick enough to skate on!), or a specialty park (Some have frozen areas to skate on).
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How simulations get done?

Simulations are carried out by a computer. For this purpose, there are a number of simulation tools which offer graphical modeling of simulations: . Simio Simulation Softwa ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of I am done?

The phrase "I am done" can have a literal meaning, i.e. I have finished . The slang usage means that you are tired (e.g. from work). I am exhausted . The poetical usag ( Full Answer )
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What is done with a petition?

A petition is first drafted. It is written about the subject ofinterest. Then, it is presented to the persons who might be interested in thetopic. If interested, people sign ( Full Answer )
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Why is proofreading done?

Proofreading is one of the important matter orfactor. It's neat when someone wants to publish something.Sometimes many articles, essay, thesis and other applications havesome ( Full Answer )
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How are movies done and where?

movies are created in a studio with a cast and extensive amount of crew. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to make a movie. movies can be shot anywhere, but depending on ( Full Answer )
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How is rifling done?

There are several processes for rifling. Typically, a machine toolis inserted down the barrel and pulled out, while several gougescut shallow grooves in the barrel.
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Is slipknot done?

yes. Corey Taylor became the singer for Stone Sour, Joey jordison became the rhythm guitarist for Murderdolls. the bass player died. idk bout tha rest
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Who is cyberbullying done by?

Cyberbullying is honestly done by anybody and everybody, because they can hide behind this tough image in the comfort of their own home...
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How is tarsorrhaphy done?

Stitches are carefully placed at the corners of the eyelid opening (called the palpebral fissure) to narrow it. This allows the eye better lubrication and less exposure to the ( Full Answer )
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What has WikiLeaks done?

WikiLeaks has revived the debate about freedom of the press, and it has put may people in danger everywhere. It released thousands of classified documents, and cannot be shut ( Full Answer )
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How is a vagotomy done?

The surgeon makes an incision in the abdomen and locates the vagus nerve. Either the trunk or the branches leading to the stomach are cut. Then the abdominal muscles are sewn ( Full Answer )
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How is a gastrectomy done?

Gastrectomy for gastric cancer is almost always done by the traditional "open" surgery technique, which requires a wide incision to open the abdomen. However, some surgeons us ( Full Answer )
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How is a gastrostomy done?

A small incision is made on the left side of the abdomen; then, an incision is made through the stomach. A small, flexible, hollow tube, usually made of polyvinylchloride or r ( Full Answer )
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What is a donee?

A donee is the person or entity to which a thing is given. A donor is the person or entity who gives it.