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Who is Don Wardell?

Don Wardell was the Chief Announcer at Radio Luxembourg in the mid-60's. He won a Grammy Award in 1982 as "best historical producer" for the restoration of all Frank Sinatra ( Full Answer )
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Who is Don Quixote?

He is the 'hero' of a novel and its sequel by Miguel de Cervantes. After becoming illusioned by fairy tales of chivalry, he sets out on an adventure which includes him doing m ( Full Answer )
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Who is Don Chandler?

Don Chandler was a punter and place kicker for the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers who was with the Packers for Super Bowls I and II.
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Who is Don Gulley?

Don Gulley is the pastor of Campus Development and Communications at Crossroads Community church. Crossroads is a multi-site church that has 5 locations in 3 different states. ( Full Answer )
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What is don quixote about?

Alonso Quixano, a retired country gentleman in his fifties, lives in an unnamed section of La Mancha with his niece and a housekeeper. He has become obsessed with books of chi ( Full Answer )
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Who is Don McLean?

Don McLean is an American singer songwriter. Two of his mostinfluential songs are American Pie and Vincent .
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Who is Don Mattingly?

Don Mattingly was the Yankee first baseman from 1982 to 1995. He played left and right field in his first couple of seasons with the Yankees until a full time move to first ba ( Full Answer )
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Who is don torino?

Don Torino is a columnist for The Meadowlands Nature blog. He hasalso written columns for various blogs such as .
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Where is don quixote from?

The literary character, Don Quixote, was from Spain. He was a man who would do good because it was the right thing to do, and also a bit senseless and crazy. He had a wild ima ( Full Answer )
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What was Don Quixote about?

An old man that is about 50, he starts reading knight books then starts thinking he's a knight. He begins doing things like a knight. He fixed his helmet with cardboard and th ( Full Answer )
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Who Was Don Louis?

"Don Louis" was the Spanish name give to an American Indian boy kidnapped at age ten in 1570 by the Spanish exploring out of San Augustine (Florida). He spent 10 years in Cub ( Full Answer )
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Who is don mitchell?

don mitchell is a million air and lives in Florida with his piles of money all over his house he has 1 child and her name is ANNA MITCHELL SHE IS 15 AND IS HOT
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What does Don mean?

Don means gentleman or nobleman. It comes orignaly from Spanish but has been taken into the Italian vocabulary as well. Don is more commonly known as a title given to the head ( Full Answer )
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Who is Don Bouchat?

Don Bouchat is a Canadian pianist/singer/song writer. Born In Fort William, Ontario(now Thunder Bay) on April 25, 1947. He has travelled a great part of the world performing c ( Full Answer )
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Who is Don Adams?

Don Adams (1923-2005) was a comedian and actor who played MaxwellSmart in the 1960's TV show, GET SMART. Maxwell Smart is agent 86,secret agent for CONTROL. He tries to stop t ( Full Answer )
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Who is don quioxte?

he is a guy in a story who is crazy and fights windmills. he is a guy in a story who is crazy and fights windmills
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Finding the don-don in spineworld?

You find Don Don at Dragon Port. He is the tall skiny ble guy that play's magic toggle with you and any one you need to go to should have a green !
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Who is Don Giovanni?

Don Giovanni is an opera in two acts with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with Italian libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. It was premiered in the Estates Theatre in Prague on 29 ( Full Answer )
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Who is don pardon?

You probably mean Dolly Parton.She is a country singer.She also guest starred on Hannah Montana.
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What is don tetto?

Don Tetto is a rock band from Colombia... It's one of the most important bands in that country.. Check out their MySpace, or search on you tube their songs.... I suggest.... ( Full Answer )
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Has angel don it?

If you are asking "Has an angel had sex?" then no. There isn't sex in Heaven, and angels have always been in Heaven -- never human.
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What is the va don don?

The va don don is a creature from the black lagoon with a big head and hangs out in the hc.
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Where is don don on soineworld?

Don-Don is a character at Dragon Port. He is the person you play magic toggle with. He does the quest: Old Traveller. His quote is: Ready to play Magic Toggle!?
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What is Don Giovanni about?

It's about a libidinous nobles, who flirt with women everywhere,even his servant couldn't stand for it. At the beginning killed the father whose daughter was indecorumed .At t ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when your don with Poptropica?

If you have completely finished poptropica, all of the islands, you can either just relax around the chat areas on each island, or you can create a whole new account and start ( Full Answer )
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Don on you or dawn on you?

Something "dawns on you" when you suddenly (or begin to) realise something. The word 'dawn' is used because this is the name for the start of the day when the light from th ( Full Answer )
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What happens if you don?

If you don the helmet of Doctor Fate,but was not chosen by Nabu you go insane.

Who is Don Wheaton?

Don Wheaton is a mythical man from ancient Greece who ate rocks and protected the common people with his laser eyes.
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Who is Don Vacal?

He is the President and CEO at RSOricon Corporation. RSOricon Corporation owns MyMarino.Org, an online community portal for seafarers. Oricon Data Processing Engine- a highly ( Full Answer )
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Is Edris a Don?

Yes he is the Richest and the Youngest boy on planet earth along his brother Youness mellar , ( Youness) got signed up early this year by J.cole and he is currently working on ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms for don?

big cheese , boss , captain To don something is to put something on, therefore synonyms include: dress, clothe, slip on, get into, pull on
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Where is Don Cornelius?

Don Cornelius is currently deceased. He died in February 2012, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was 75 years old.
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What did don John do?

He is known as in 'Much Ado About Nothing' because he was born out of wedlock. He is the villain in the play and wants to make everyone's lives miserable. He gets Margret the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Don Henley?

Don Henley was the founding member, drummer and co-lead vocalist ofThe Eagles rock band. Henley has also had a successful solo career.
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Who is Don Draper?

Donald Draper (born: 1926) is the protagonist of the EmmyAward-winning AMC drama "Mad Men," which is about a New York Cityadvertising firm of the 1960s and 1970s. Draper, play ( Full Answer )