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How do you sell stuff door to door?

As a person that sold magazine subscriptions door to door as a young adult and then trained others how to do it later on I found there isn't just one way to sell things door t (MORE)
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What is a door?

A door is an opening in the wall of a house or of an apartment, bywhich to go in and out; an entrance way.
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What do you call a door within a door?

It's called a wicket door, according to both the American Heritage Dictionary and Wikipedia. You can also Google it and find numerous image examples.
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Who is a door to door retailers?

\nThe day of door-to-door selling has largely ended. Too many communities have banned it.\n. \nA door-to-door salesman was just what he sounded like: a man (it usually was a (MORE)
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Do you go door to door for the census?

A census form is sent out to every home in America. If someone does not fill out their census form completely, a census taker will be sent out to retrieve the information. The (MORE)
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What is a door to door salesman?

Someone who walks around the streets, knocking on each door, and trying to talk residents into buying something. In the US, this was once commonly used for selling home produc (MORE)
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Door to door or door-to-door?

It depends on how you are using the words. If you say, "He sold the books door to door" you mean he sold them ffrom door to door. He is then a door-to-door salesman. The hyp (MORE)
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What is door to door sales?

A door to door sales man is o person who will travel to your house and ask if you would like to by a certain product such as a girl scout will sell cookies. In some cases a do (MORE)
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What is the definition of door to door marketing?

Door to door marketing is a direct sales method involving a representative going from one door to the next in a neighborhood or building, either selling goods directly to the (MORE)
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What does Door to door mean?

The term is applied to physically going to homes or businesses, usually in residential areas, in order to sell a product or service, to promote a candidate or event, or to rai (MORE)
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What do door to door salesmen sell?

It Depends on what company has hired them. examples include cleaning products and Double glazing windows
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Which religion goes from door to door?

Usually, it would be member of the Watchtower Society (or, Jehovah's Witnesses). Mormons also do this, but not as much. Other churches sometimes do this as well, but it's not (MORE)
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What kind of door is a French door?

A french door is the term used to describe a set of doors that that open out from the middle. The doors themselves are usually filled with glass, and can be opened individuall (MORE)