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What do you do if you can't doo doo?

Drink prune juice often helps. Laxitives do, too. If you try theseand have no results, you should visit your doctor.
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What were the vingt-doos?

Royal 22nd Regiment of Canada The Royal 22nd Regiment was from the French-speaking providence of Quebec. Their common name was " van-doos" which was short for the French wor (MORE)
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What does durtie doo doo mean?

It means that the CGC is back in business homie!!! 76 South all the way DAWGS!!!!! Ola waz here. (CLEAN GANGSTER CREW):)
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What is a 'doo doo chunk'?

Doo doo is a childish slang term for feces - a chunk would just be a piece of feces.
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De de doo doo?

Omd... Joan of arc
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Do you see your doo doo?

well u only can see ur doo doo if ur look into the toilet when ur done taking a dump. Anyway why would u want to see ur doo doo its disgusting and gross my doo doo comes out a (MORE)
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Why is doo doo stinky?

It comes out of you're butt.. It comes out of you're butt.
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What is a doo doo bug?

What we used to call doo doo bugs are normally called pill bugs, roly poly, wood louse, armadillo bug, potato bugs...
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Poopie doo doo?

What kind of stupid question is "Poopie doo doo"
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Why do dogs eat doo doo?

because they are in love with that, its an uncontrollable desire for them :P
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Why bird Doo-Doo is killed?

You mean the Do-Do bird? If I remember correctly, they were discovered on an island and were eaten by sailors because they weren't cautious enough to run away, and so they wen (MORE)
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How do doo doo taste?

um i dont think any normal human being would know how it taste like but u can always ask my dog scooter he eats it all the time Horse doo doo tastes like grass and bile. Acci (MORE)
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How do you spell doo-doo?

The slang term for excrement has the spellings "doo doo" or "doo-doo" but not do-do . The spelling dodo refers to the extinct bird once found on islands of the Indian Oce (MORE)