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Who is Scooby-Doo?

Scooby-Doo is a dog in a cartoon show. The show is about four people and the dog, Fred, Velma, Daphne, and Shaggy. They are detectives and always get caught up in monster myst ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you can't doo doo?

Drink prune juice often helps. Laxitives do, too. If you try theseand have no results, you should visit your doctor.
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What is doo-wop?

The DooWop Hall of Fame states: Doo-wop is a style of vocal-based rhythm and blues music, which was started in the black community and became popular in the mid- 1950's to ( Full Answer )
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What were the vingt-doos?

Royal 22nd Regiment of Canada The Royal 22nd Regiment was from the French-speaking providence of Quebec. Their common name was " van-doos" which was short for the French wor ( Full Answer )
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What does durtie doo doo mean?

It means that the CGC is back in business homie!!! 76 South all the way DAWGS!!!!! Ola waz here. (CLEAN GANGSTER CREW):)
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What do scooby doo?

The first dog to take a doo-doo!. He helps solve mysteries, at least I think that is what the question is. At any rate, that is what he does, and he is cute while he does it! ( Full Answer )
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What is a didgery doo?

Its an instrument. They are like long and cylindrical and are well known in tribal groups of Africa. You play them sitting down and if you don't play it correctly it makes a h ( Full Answer )
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Gas doo what?

gas do fire/make some food like jelofe rice or some hot food . and make fire works well some do. . some gas comes out 24.7 or maybe 4.55 205. is the normal if you added 3 ( Full Answer )
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What is a 'doo doo chunk'?

Doo doo is a childish slang term for feces - a chunk would just be a piece of feces.
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Do you see your doo doo?

well u only can see ur doo doo if ur look into the toilet when ur done taking a dump. Anyway why would u want to see ur doo doo its disgusting and gross my doo doo comes out a ( Full Answer )
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What do blumblees doo?

Well, first of all blumblees dont exist and second of all look down 3rd of all HELLO I LIKE PIE AND HOPE THAT U DO TOO. LAA LAA LAA HO HE HO
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What is a doo doo bug?

What we used to call doo doo bugs are normally called pill bugs, roly poly, wood louse, armadillo bug, potato bugs...
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How old is scooby doo in scooby doo?

Hi there, . Scooby Doo was created in 1969 which means the cartoon just celebrated its 30 birthday! Scooby Doo himself would be 210 in dog years if you multiply 30x7=210. Hop ( Full Answer )
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What is a Dunka Doo?

A Dunka Doo is a toy, a bag is behind it is there to dunk your Dunka Doo in water that is why it is called Dunka Doo.
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What is scooby doo about?

Concerning Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, season 2 is same plot as season 1. A mystery happens; they solve it. However, this new season actually has romance added between c ( Full Answer )
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Why is scooby doo called scooby doo?

because shaggy was all ready taken, Fred doesn't sound like a dogs name, Velma and Daphne are girls names so they had to go with scooby doo!
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What is doo-fleeing?

Doo fleeing is an old scottish sport of pigeon flying, trying to capture other peoples birds. see: ( Full Answer )
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What does it means when you doo doo is bright green?

your doodoo is green because either you ate something green or your just cold. if your doodoo is cold either you have a fever or you ate something red. if your doodoo is blue, ( Full Answer )
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What does doggy doo doo smell like?

It smells like the worst smelling thing that you can smell in your life! oh ya, why did you even search this up?
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What should i doo?

Work on hobbies or getting one, I for instance like to listen to music of all kinds.
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Who is doo doo bug in Bud Not Buddy?

Doo Doo Bug is part of the negro band that helps Bud get through all this mess and feed . He is the nicest one to Bud and makes the band not pick on him
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Is there an actress name doo doo?

no there is not an actress name doo doo if there is than i have never heard of him
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Why bird Doo-Doo is killed?

You mean the Do-Do bird? If I remember correctly, they were discovered on an island and were eaten by sailors because they weren't cautious enough to run away, and so they wen ( Full Answer )
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Does a Maltese have small doo doo?

Yes,yes it does. All Maltese have doo doo. But their doo doo is not smelly.
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Why was the ski doo called the ski doo?

The Ski - Doo was originally intended to be named the "Ski-Dog" because Bombardier Recreational Products (the manufacturers) meant it to be a practical vehicle to replace the ( Full Answer )
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What is a pookie doo?

'Pookie Doo' is a colloquial term for 'feces' that originates primarily in the Southern United States. Usage is similar to "I smell a pookie doo! " or, "that baby has a pook ( Full Answer )
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How do doo doo taste?

um i dont think any normal human being would know how it taste like but u can always ask my dog scooter he eats it all the time Horse doo doo tastes like grass and bile. Acci ( Full Answer )
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What doos a snakes do?

pretty much it just eats, sleeps, and shreds it's skin from time to time. Animals that snakes eat includes- mice rabbits baby deer baby deer? snakes have massive mo ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell doo-doo?

The slang term for excrement has the spellings "doo doo" or "doo-doo" but not do-do . The spelling dodo refers to the extinct bird once found on islands of the Indian Oce ( Full Answer )
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When doo you no if you are gay?

Well... You cant really have someone tell you you are gay. Its something you decide. Its more personal as in the doctor cant say "Your gay"... Hope this helped :)