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What does the EA in EA Sports stand for?

The EA in EA Sports stands for Electronic Arts. EA was founded in1982 by Trip Hawkins, a former Director of Product Marketing atApple Inc.
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What is an EA in accounting?

EA stands for Enrolled Agent. It is a certification by the Internal Revenue Service that someone is qualified to practice before them. To become an EA, one must pass a test gi ( Full Answer )
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What was the environment like in the Mesozoic ea?

The climate during the Mesozoic Era was was warm and wet. It wastoo warm for polar ice caps to exist, and the environment was lushwith dense plant life.
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What is EA?

Ea for short is Electronic Arts A popular game developer. They develop all kinds of games as i heard.
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What are words that have ea in them?

Some examples are: sea, peace, great, feast, seam, read, easy, flea, easel, decrease, NB: there are many more words that have EA in them, so look in the discussion tab for ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the EAS?

Mr Jack was invented the Tags and EAS technology. He was cousin of Mr Ronald. Mr Ronald was running his shop and caught one thief and shouted on his employer. That time his co ( Full Answer )
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What is forex ea?

Forex EA is an automated Forex software that follow some sophisticated logic and able to open and close orders by itself.
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Who is ea seguy?

an artist He is a French artist who painted pictures of insects and plants. He got his inspiration from the beauty of nature.
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Who is ea adeboye?

He is a man of God. The general oversear of the redeemed christian Church of God. He is a man of God. The general oversear of the redeemed christian Church of God
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What does ea mean?

It means Expert Advisor. Usually using for Forex trading. EA is a software that can trade on Forex market automatically
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Who is ea?

short for 'electronic arts' been around for years now never stop making cool games if you have heard of tiger woods pga tour or nascar games, fifa, nba,madden nfl likely chanc ( Full Answer )
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What are Ea Responsibilities?

Education Assistants do a variety of tasks within the classroom. Some include: 1) Assisting the teacher with classroom management and assisting students 2) Stepping in for th ( Full Answer )
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What words have ea in them?

Mean, eat, feature, please, teacher, beanbag, heavy, featuring, feather . steak, great, breast, creation, cream, lean, beanbag, feature, feather, weather, heather, really, b ( Full Answer )
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What eas pangaea?

I think you mean what was Pangaea Pangaea was a super continent made up of all the continents at the beginning of the Earth. It started breaking up around the Triassic P ( Full Answer )
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What is EAS myoplex?

EAS myoplex is a nutritional drink for people looking to build leanmuscles and strength. It contains proteins, vitamins and mineralsfor a healthy body.
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What is the ea account?

An EA account is a good idea because it is free and gives you access to other great games. i would recommend making one.
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What rhymes with ea?

there are a lot of 'ea' like ea in earth or ea in bear can you give a little more detail?
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What is an ea email?

Electronic Arts Inc. is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. EA develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for Internet-connec ( Full Answer )
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Who invented EA?

Founded and incorporated on May 28, 1982 by Trip Hawkins, the company was a pioneer of the early home computer games industry and was notable for promoting the designers and p ( Full Answer )
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How do you conect you Xbox to your ea account?

try downloading NHL 11 and go to the bottom of the main menu and go to sighn in and it will connect to the EA servers and it should connect if you are 13 or older
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What is meant by unit EA?

electronegativity which the ability of an electron to pull the shared pair electrons more unto it self than the other atom in the bond
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How do you play EA games online?

I play EA games online on PS3, and specially fifa series. there is a lot of fantastic online game modes like ranked play , unranked , be a pro , 10vs 10 online play which giv ( Full Answer )
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What style of art did EA Seguy do?

Samarkande - 20 Compositions en Couleurs dans le Style Oriental (1914) Floreal (1920) Papillons (1924) Insectes (1924) Primavera --Dessins et Coloris Nouveaux (1929)
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Which is richer 2K or EA?

EA has prolly like 100 times more $$$ than 2K. EA has been around since the Sega Genesis.
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What consoles will EA rugby 10 be on?

EA won't be making a EA Rugby 10 but they will be making a EA Rugby 12 because it's after the 2011 World Cup and they will know what the groups,teams ,winners etc. etc. and I ( Full Answer )
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Do you have the EA cheat codes for the Sims2?

yes, to get 50,000 simoleons first you press ctrl then in the little white box that should show up you type motherlode exactly like that NOT motherload
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What does eas mean?

end of active service Another definition : EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) is atechnological method used to prevent shoplifting and theft ofindividual items from private ( Full Answer )
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What is a EA wallet?

EA Wallet allows you to add money to your EA/Origin account, thisallows you to use this money to purchase games rather than a creditcard.
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How do you contact ea UK?

The telephone number for EA Support is 0870 2432435. They are open 9am-9pm from Monday to Friday and calls are charged at national rate from a BT line.
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What is EA sports?

EA Sports is a name used by the game developers from Electronic Arts to distribute games based on sports.
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What is the number of EA?

I'm sure that depends on who exactly you are trying to contact. Either way, if you're trying to contact someone important, the best result you'll get is some peon's secretary. ( Full Answer )
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How do you kill EA?

you can not kill that has not soul (or any notice for its bloody buyers...)
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Is skyrim by ea?

No, it is made by Bethesda, all of the Elder Scrolls series are made by bethesda and so is the Fallout series.
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Who do get cheat from ea?

That depends what game are you talking about ? I only know some codes and its for EA game The sims... But ea doens't give cheats they hide the cheats in the games if you dont ( Full Answer )
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What eas lobster?

Baby lobsters (larvae) are preyed on by many types of fish. Anadult lobsters main predator is humans, but they are also preyedupon by octopi, cod, crab, swordfish, eel; other ( Full Answer )