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When was the eames era?

Generally, the Eames era is between 1950 and 1960. Although Charles and Ray Eames designed before and after this time period, this was their heyday.
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What happened to Goren and Eams on CI?

In the season 9 episode Loyalty, part 2 (original airdate April 6, 2010), following the death of Captain Ross, Eames is named as Ross' replacement and her first assignment is (MORE)
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How do you pronouce Eames?

For convenience, phonetically it will be pronounced as 'eems' like the 'eams' in steams.
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Is there a catalog for Eames lounge chair?

In searching, I do not see a specific catalogue for the Eames lounge chair. It is, however, available at Herman Miller and they do have a catalogue that you can subscribe to.
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How much does an eames chair cost?

Like any type of furniture there are different levels and designs of eames chairs. The cost would range from $1300 for an office chair to $4500 for a lounge chair and ottoman. (MORE)
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When was Clare Eames born?

Clare Eames was born on August 5, 1894, in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
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When did Clare Eames die?

Clare Eames died on November 8, 1930, in London, England, UK of complications after surgery.
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When was Doug Eames born?

Doug Eames was born on September 4, 1964, in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, USA.
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When did Ray Eames die?

Ray Eames died on August 21, 1988, in Los Angeles County, California, USA.
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What has the author Jim Eames written?

Jim Eames has written: 'Six Feet Under or Up in Smoke' -- subject(s): Nonfiction, Sociology, OverDrive