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What is the pronunciation of the name Eanes?

Eenz or E-ness, both are correct.. Eenz or E-ness, both are correct.. Yah-nish is also correct. The above are all English variants.. Yah-nish is from the Portuguese.
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Like in the word europeans. Is eans a suffix?

the 'an' is the suffix and it basically means 'the people of' - works for lots of place words: , Jerseyans, Texans, Angeleans
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What is the origin of the last name Eanes?

The origin of the surname Eanes is Sephardic-Jewish. The Sephardic or (plural) Sephardim are the sector of Jews who lived in namely Portugal and Spain. The Sephardim have a lo (MORE)
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When was Chris Eanes born?

Chris Eanes was born on June 1, 1981, in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.