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What is ean rule?

When a complex is formed,ligands are added till the sum of electrons donated by the ligands and those present on the central atom/ion became equal to the electrons in the next (MORE)
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What does Taylor ean?

Taylor eans $6.50 an hour, not a dolla more. - Taylor's pimp
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What does patronizing ean?

If someone is patronizing, it means they are making fun of someone.It is characterized by pretending to be nice, but really thinkingyou are superior to another person.
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Where can you buy single EAN codes?

If you just want to buy a few EAN Codes, you can do that on This is a website for buying only fewer Barcodes, instead of having to pay regular fews for lar (MORE)
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Is Ean Artajo Rodreguiz gay?

Yes. without a doubt Ean Artajo, that goes to Washington middle school, is infact a homosexual.he likes being gay and his "friend" Birra Aliye is hella cool
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What does rottfl ean?

The actual word is ROTFL which means: Rolling On The Floor Laughing!
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What is the origin of the last name Eanes?

The origin of the surname Eanes is Sephardic-Jewish. The Sephardic or (plural) Sephardim are the sector of Jews who lived in namely Portugal and Spain. The Sephardim have a lo (MORE)
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What is bar code ean 13?

EAN 13 is used to encode thirteen characters. The first twocharacters are the flag characters that identify the country oforigin, the next ten characters are the data characte (MORE)
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What do the initials EAN stand for?

EAN is the abbreviation for 'European Article Numbering'. This is used by most shops and selling agents within Europe so that each item has a unique EAN number and therefore a (MORE)
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When was Chris Eanes born?

Chris Eanes was born on June 1, 1981, in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.
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When was Ean Evans born?

Ean Evans was born in Atlanta, in Georgia, USA.
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When did Ean Evans die?

Ean Evans died on May 6, 2009, in Columbus, Mississippi, USA of cancer.
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When was Ean Mering born?

Ean Mering was born in November 1977, in Los Angeles, California, USA.