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What is a handshake?

A gesture where two people clasp each others' hands. They do not need to shake anything. Some people think that a handshake is a Freemasonic weapon for taking over the world. (MORE)
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What is a 'handshake'?

Answer-- A 'hand shake' is a form of greeting someone. Men for centuries have shook hands and sometimes business deals were just a simple hand shake and no contract involved (MORE)
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Easy money for kids at age 9 in Fresno?

Earning money can be fun for anyone. A child at the age of 9 canmake money by cleaning house, or doing tasks around their house, ortheir family houses.
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Church lock in ideas for kids of all ages?

This is a game without a real name. Basically, Three or four are the "bad guys" and start in a safe haven. Everyone else runs and hides. One "bad guy" is a spy who tells the " (MORE)
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What are all the age of empires games called?

1st - Age of Empires 2nd - Age of Empires - The Rise of Rome - Expansion 3rd - Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings 4th - Age of Empires II - The Conquerors - Expansion (MORE)
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How do you get all the characters for the online game known as Other age?

you can simply get them by following the personality test and here are the list you should enter: Yumbrad: 1. Mysterious 2. Reading Book 3. Homemade Dinner 4. Afterno (MORE)
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What should kids do of all ages do when they are bored?

I can think of many answers off the top of my head. A very good one is read. I'm 13. I randomly picked up a book one day and that is now my favorite thing to do, beside listen (MORE)
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What is all the age levels for game ratings?

Here is a list of ALL the Video Game ratings: . E - Everyone . eC - Early Childhood . E 10+ - Everyone (10 and above) . T - Teenagers (13 to 17) . M - (MORE)
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What age child is kids games for?

about any game,(barbies,board games, etc),wil have an age like 6+ or something like that. That is an appropriate age for when that child should play with the toy. If it says 4 (MORE)
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Why are all the video games for girls either really easy or babyish?

because girls are made to make sandwichs for men who play videogames... it reminds them werer they stand in society.. Not funny. If you were really being serious, well then go (MORE)
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What age should kids be to read The Hunger Games?

There isn't really a certain age that you should read it. I read it when I was twelve, and finished it when I was fourteen (because that's when Mockingjay came out c; ). I (MORE)
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How many kids follow age restrictions on video games?

Kids? Probably none. Parents who decide what to buy for kids is another matter entirely. Game retailers typically require ID for games rated Mature, but that doesn't sto (MORE)
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Can some kids play videos games at the age of 1?

No. Not even a prodigy child would be able to play video games at the age of one, simply because they don't have the hand-and-eye coordination that is required to play such ga (MORE)
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Is skyscape easy to use for people of all age?

Skyscape was developed for use by professionals in the medical field. The interface on the devices is user friendly but may not be suitable for young children or teens who hav (MORE)
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What are the names of all the characters in the Hunger Games and there ages?

The Tributes: District 1: Glimmer- Age: Unknown Marvel- Age: Unknown District 2: Clove- Age: Unknown Cato- Age:16 District 3: Tribute Girl Tribute Boy D (MORE)
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What do all the kids wear in the Hunger Games arena?

in most of the hunger games that was showed by collins it was fitting for the enviroment that they were put in. so if it was tropical and wet they would be given light clothes (MORE)
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What are the recommended ages for PBS KIDS games?

The recommended ages for PBS KIDS games are between the ages 4-7. If you have any questions on why the these are the recommended ages, contact PBS via their email.
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What are some easy and quiet games that kids could play at restaurants?

The best game kids can play in a restaurant that is easy (arguably) and quiet is the quiet game. This is an age old trick by parents to create an illusion of entertainment for (MORE)
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What are a few easy math games for kids?

A few free and easy math games for kids are Spaceman Max, Unfreeze me and Georganism. You can play these games for free online at the Coolmath-Games website.