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What eats you?

that allhah given to like bread etc
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What eats what?

There are a lot of animals that eats each other and we commonly called it a food chain like (Grass- Grasshopper- frog- snake) and there are also many more types of this food c (MORE)
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If you are eating sushi what exactly are you eating?

You'd be typically eating small portions of rice topped with fishor other ingredients including various types of seafood, egg tofuand sometimes vegetables. Sushi is Japanese f (MORE)
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What is eating out?

Eating out is when you practically make out with a girls vagina.. as a girl i--- i highly enjoy this...;)
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What is eating?

chewing foood Eating is when a person consumes and digests food. This is done in order to survive.
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Is binge eating an eating disorder?

Yes, Binge Eating Disorder (also called Compulsive Overeating) is an eating disorder as listed in the DSM-IV.
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What is eating you out?

That is a question for you to discuss with your Mother or Father.
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Why are you eating?

Most people eat because you are hungry and you know you are hungry when your brain sends a message to your stomach
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What eats a giraffe and what eats that?

Giraffes have relatively few predators, primarily due to their size, however they can fall prey to lions and, especially when drinking from rivers, crocodiles. Calves are much (MORE)
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Who eats eats what in Finding Nemo?

A barracuda eats Coral and the eggs (except Nemo), a angler fish and a shark tries to eat Marlin and Dory, but fails.
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Why you are eating?

Your eating has severl reasons: -to survive -to get energy for growing -to grow up strong! Also dont eat too much that gives you something called "fat". Fat makes you weak (MORE)
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Is eating out better then eating in?

it depends! most of the time when people eat out the food is higher in calories and fat because the resturaunt wants it to taste good but when your home u actuallly know what (MORE)
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Who eats the Crab-eating macaque?

The Crab Eating Macaque Has Very Few Predators. The Clouded Leopard Is The Main Predator, Occasionally Philippine Monkey Eating Eagles And Reticulated Pythons. The Real Main P (MORE)