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What does eeking mean?

The word is just spelt 'eking' and means to laboriously make a living. Seems to be more popular in the North of England
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What is Tad eek?

Its a type of Iranian rice that is really delicious. it is plain rice with a crispy crust on top.
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How do you get eek back?

You need to go to i think the guy in draynor where you normally get Event stuff back, i think he's called Diago,Djego i dont know something close to that.
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Why do guinea pis sq-eek?

It is the way they communicate. PURRING: happy, like you GROWL: stay away SQUEEKS LOUDLY:hungry, playing around I DONT KNOW THE REST BUT HERE ARE SOME WEBSITES THAT YO ( Full Answer )
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Is eek a mouse dead?

no eek amouse is not dead i met on tour we did two shows . he is living in.. amstredam. ruddy isaacs
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What two words are both pronounced eek?

It's my third day of middle school, and today we read "Eeking out Life". It's actually a real newspaper story about a stray mouse rescued by a about-to-be-married couple. We h ( Full Answer )
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What is the summary of eeking out a life?

Eeking Out a Life is about a rat who is lost and finds a safe haven in the arms of loving people. That's all i know sorry.
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Is eek romance a courageous song?

yes if u want me to answer it yes it is clearly not a courageous song By courts
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Is bell-eek in northern Ireland or the republic of Ireland?

It is in Co. Fermanagh, which is in Northern Ireland. It is in Co. Fermanagh, which is in Northern Ireland. It is in Co. Fermanagh, which is in Northern Ireland. It is in C ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Eek on RuneScape?

Eeek the spider in RuneScape was given away as a holiday event item by completing the 2009 Halloween Event called Web of Shadows. It is not possible to obtain Eek any more if ( Full Answer )
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What are 2 puns for the word eek?

I assume you mean "EEK!", what women apparently say when they see a mouse just before jumping up on a chair. One example of a pun using this word comes from the 1936 film of S ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Eeke Van der Burg written?

Eeke Van der Burg has written: 'Nonlinear canonical correlation and some related techniques' -- subject(s): Canonical correlation (Statistics), Correlation (Statistics)