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What is an eel?

Answer . They are very similar to a snake .They have small fins on both sides of the body behind the head.The skin is smooth slimy with tiny scales.The eel looks similar to (MORE)
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Does an eel have a backbone?

Yes they do. Yes. The backbone of the eel is made up of hundreds of little vertebrae so they are extremely flexible.
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Is an eel an animal?

Yes, an eel is classified as an animal.
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Is there an Eel River?

There are two Eel Rivers in Indiana and both are tributaries of the Wabash River.
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Is an eel a consumer?

An eel is a consumer because it eats a variety of foods thatinclude crickets, fish, shrimp, meat, and worms. It eats otherconsumers on the food web. Although there are differe (MORE)
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What can an eel do?

an eel does whatever an eel does / Depends on what eel it is like NZ eels go to Australia and only some come back others stay there and get called Australian eels
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Can you milk an eel?

IM SURE NOT but try if u want to. Unless its a guy then u can definatly
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Is the eel endangered?

yes some fish like euopen eel
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Does eel have a rib?

Eels in fact have twenty ribs. Ten on each side. That increases flexabliity and strength. According to the Marine Reaserch Foundation eels are one of the most flexible of mari (MORE)
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Are eel mammals?

No. They are fish that have evolved an elongate form and generally lost their pectoral and pelvic fins. Their dorsal and anal fins are usually fused with the caudal fin.
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Who is mother eel?

Mother Eel is Dante Lokitiyakul of Harrow school.
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Can an eel bite?

yes an eel can can actually bite twice, because it has two sets of jaws
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What is the adaptation of an eel?

The eels main adaptation is its intelligence. Some science types have postulated that with the correct training eels could be taught to find drowned people or even sunken subm (MORE)
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Why is an eel a fish?

An eel lives underwater and breathes through gills, it has an internal skeleton, and all the usual biological features of fish. It is just longer and thinner than a typical fi (MORE)
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Is there eel in eel sauce?

Technically there is not eel in eel sauce, but if you make ittraditionally, you would put eel bones in it while cooking andremove them before consuming.
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Are eel bacteria?

No, eel are an order of fish and are multicellular eukaryoticorganisms, as opposed to bacteria which are mostly prokaryoticsingle cellular.