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What eats eel?

Answer . big fish like shark and some big fish might eat baby Eels (basicly anything larger that eats meat.) blue whales, and sharks
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What do eels eat?

In the wild, eels eat such animals as octopuses and fish. In captivity, though, eels will eat almost any meaty food including: -live fish -shrimp -squid and -chopped fish In ( Full Answer )
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Are eels amphibians?

Eels are not amphibians, they are type of fish. But they can survive out of the water for some time. when migrating they will cover long distances over land if they have to ( Full Answer )
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What is an eel?

Answer . They are very similar to a snake .They have small fins on both sides of the body behind the head.The skin is smooth slimy with tiny scales.The eel looks similar to ( Full Answer )
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What are eels?

they are slimy animals and they look like snakes in the water you can go to google images and type in elles and you will she what eals look like
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Do eels have bones?

Eels are fish, and fish have a skeleton. Note, however, that theskeletons of fish are not composed of "bone" as we know it, but ofcartilage.
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Are eels reptiles?

No, they are fish. they may look like a reptile because of a snake like form, but they are considered fishes. Eels are fish, not reptiles. They feed on dead animal such as dea ( Full Answer )
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Does an eel have a backbone?

Yes they do. Yes. The backbone of the eel is made up of hundreds of little vertebrae so they are extremely flexible.
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Are eels mammals?

No. They don't bear live young, they don't have hair. They are a species of fish. No, eels are actually a type of fish. Eels breath water and not air, are cold blooded and lay ( Full Answer )
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Is there an Eel River?

There are two Eel Rivers in Indiana and both are tributaries of the Wabash River.
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Is an eel a consumer?

An eel is a consumer because it eats a variety of foods thatinclude crickets, fish, shrimp, meat, and worms. It eats otherconsumers on the food web. Although there are differe ( Full Answer )
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How big can eels get?

Eels can grow from 15cm to 30cm in 1 month and can grow up to 1 meter in a year.
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What is eel pie?

Eel pie is a European dish made from eels, which while fairly hearty for a fish, are notoriously high in fat.. Eel Pie Island is an island in the Thames River in Twickenham, ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about eels?

electric eels can discharge up to 600 volts of electricity, and give off their electricity through parts on their body called electroplaques. electric eels can grow up to 2.4 ( Full Answer )
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Do eels have scales?

not in the sense of how more well known fish have scales like a tuna or bass. they do however have scales underneath a layer of skin and the scales cannot be removed without t ( Full Answer )
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What can an eel do?

an eel does whatever an eel does / Depends on what eel it is like NZ eels go to Australia and only some come back others stay there and get called Australian eels
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Can you milk an eel?

IM SURE NOT but try if u want to. Unless its a guy then u can definatly
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How did eels get to Australia?

Because the eels breeding path is extremely mysterious and know one knows exactly where they go but they end up in Australia to breed and die then their young travel back to t ( Full Answer )
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Are there eels in rivers?

On Rice Fork Eel River there is Crabtree Hot Springs . Totally in the wild of Mendocino National Forest, about 25 miles north of Upper Lake, California. The hot springs are l ( Full Answer )
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What are vinegar Eels?

Vinegar Eels are a cell. They look like worms, they are a type of Roundworm.
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Why do eels have electricity?

They live in murky waters, where eyesight isn't of much use. Theirelectric ability started as a sense organ, which developed intomore of a defensive weapon.
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Are eels scaly?

No. Although there may be some exceptions, most are unlike fish and have no scales. They have somewhat-slimy skin.
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Does eel have a rib?

Eels in fact have twenty ribs. Ten on each side. That increases flexabliity and strength. According to the Marine Reaserch Foundation eels are one of the most flexible of mari ( Full Answer )
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Are eels helpful?

I don't know what you mean by helpful, but in the Asian culture, it's very healthy to eat
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What is the environment of eels?

Eels live in the sea and some people keep them as pets like fish but they live much longer than a pet fish. They live in wholes in rocks.
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What colors are eels?

Eels can be a lot of colours i think but the main colour is like grey :) hope this helps
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Are eels scary?

Yess they are terrifing they slither along your legs and sting you and it hurts really bad try to advoed getting stung becasue it can casue A VERY BAD Mark or scare :)
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Why are electric eels not actually eels?

Electric eel larvae have a forked tail similar to true fishes (all eels have a leptocephalus or leaf-shaped larvae with a classical unforked eel-like tail)An electric eel is a ( Full Answer )
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Are eel mammals?

No. They are fish that have evolved an elongate form and generally lost their pectoral and pelvic fins. Their dorsal and anal fins are usually fused with the caudal fin.
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Can an eel bite?

yes an eel can can actually bite twice, because it has two sets of jaws
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What is the adaptation of an eel?

The eels main adaptation is its intelligence. Some science types have postulated that with the correct training eels could be taught to find drowned people or even sunken subm ( Full Answer )
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Why is an eel a fish?

An eel lives underwater and breathes through gills, it has an internal skeleton, and all the usual biological features of fish. It is just longer and thinner than a typical fi ( Full Answer )
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Are there eels in Utah?

Eels are not naturally in Utah's bodies of water but there are eelsin pet shops and aquariums.
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Is there eel in eel sauce?

Technically there is not eel in eel sauce, but if you make ittraditionally, you would put eel bones in it while cooking andremove them before consuming.
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Are eel bacteria?

No, eel are an order of fish and are multicellular eukaryoticorganisms, as opposed to bacteria which are mostly prokaryoticsingle cellular.