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What are adjectives with ee in them?

agreeable, breezy, carefree, creepy, cheerful, deep, deep,disagreeable, discreet, domineering, eerie, evergreen, feeble,fleeting, foreseeable, free, freezing, genteel, gleeful ( Full Answer )
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Words with ee in them?

Pee, Guaranteed, Creed, Need, Bleed, Reed, Steed, Breed, Weed, Fiancee (woman, man is with one "e"), Deed, Greed, Leech, Beseech
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What is EE?

.ee is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Estonia . EE can also stand for EasterEgger chicken, a cross-bred mutt with one blue egg laying parent (arauca ( Full Answer )
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What is ee prom?

eeProm or double e prom is a small chip that holds data that can be rewritten or erased by electrical charges.
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What is an EE candidate?

It is a candidate (Employment Equity) that is selected based on his race. It is a reversed apartheids program enforced by the new South African government to advance Black, In ( Full Answer )
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What does EE stand for in EE series bond?

It's a alphabetical number system. From Wikipedia: The first modern U.S. Savings Bonds were issued in 1935, to replace United States Postal Service Bonds. They were marketed ( Full Answer )
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How many countries are in the ees?

The 'ees' does not exist. If you mean how many countries are in the EU (European Union), the answer is currently 27, 28 from 1st July 2013. See the related question 'Which ( Full Answer )
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What is EE Candidate?

An "EE" candidate is an "Employment Equity" candidate. The Employment Equity Act is a law that was passed by two countries (Canada and South Africa) where individuals that w ( Full Answer )
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Is phenotype a Ee?

Phenotype is like the physical appearance of the character itself. Some examples would be: color of eyes, color of hair, how tall/short you are and more. It's sort of like an ( Full Answer )
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How do you use my ee?

We can not use you "ee" as we do not have possession of your "ee".