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What is burnt in effigy?

Burned symbolically, as a statement. An effigy is a man-made figure, like a statue or sculpture. If you make one out of flammable materials such as wood or straw and make s (MORE)

What are effigies?

Celts would build effigies out of crops, livestock and other offerings to keep the dead at bay. they're sorta like scarecrow.....lets keep it at that.

What is the definition of effigy?

adjective DISAPPROVING too obviously showing your money, possessions or power, in an attempt to make other people notice and admire you: They criticized the ostentatious lifes (MORE)

Effigy in a sentence?

The word "effigy" has two meanings, though they are directlyrelated. It can be used to describe a sculpture or similar likenessof a person. Alternately, it is often used to de (MORE)

What are burning effigies?

Burning an effigy is the act of taking a representation usually similar to a doll or scarecrow of an unpopular person and burning it. For example, on Guy Fawkes Night, many pe (MORE)

What are ancient effigies and what do they do?

Ancient effigies are dropped by many NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) to me they seem rare I have only gotten 1. The kind of effigies there are is starved ancient effigies level 9 (MORE)
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What is a knight effigy?

Knights belonged (and still belong today) to wealthy aristocratic families. In the medieval period when a knight died his family would often pay for an elaborate raised stone (MORE)
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What is effigy?

An effigy refers to the representation of something or somebody ina form of a sculpture.