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What does 'eg' mean?

It is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase exempli gratia and it means "for example."
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What is the penalty for egging?

The penalty for egging will differ between states and will dependon if there was any damage to property or not. If caught eggingsomeone's property you could be charged with tr (MORE)
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What does egs mean?

Answers 1. As a general question, 'egs' could mean 'examples', because e.g. (Latin exempli gratia ] means example. However, most people would write 'Examples:' rather (MORE)
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Do reptiles lay egs?

Most do. However, some species of snake and lizard give birth tolive young.
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What is egs on a BMW?

EGS is Electronische Getriebe Steuerung in English Electronic Transmission Control.
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What is a 12 eged 2d shape?

A 2D 12 sided shape is called a Dodecagon And it's called a Dodecahedron if it's 3D.
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How do you start KTM EGS?

the 400 egs-e and the 600 egs-e are electric start. i think they also had a kick start for if the battery dies, but we pull the lever off so it doesnt get caught on stuff.
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Who egged Simon cowell?

Natalie Holt came on stage along with the backing singers during Richard and Adams performance on the final of Britains Got Talent. Natalie was a viola player in the orchestra (MORE)
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When was Fehmi Ege born?

Fehmi Ege was born in 1903, in Istanbul, Turkey.
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When did Fehmi Ege die?

Fehmi Ege died on October 5, 1978, in Istanbul, Turkey of heart failure.
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Is it 'for eg' or only ' eg'?

Its only "eg".Its derived from Latin word "exempli gratia" which in english translates to for example.