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What is scripiting language explain with with eg?

Simply put, a scripting language is a way to write commands that a computer interprets one by one. A script of this kind is usually readable by humans.. This is in contrast t ( Full Answer )
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What does 'eg' mean?

It is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase exempli gratia and it means "for example."
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What does eg stand for?

The abbreviation e.g. means 'for example', and is short for the Latin exempli gratia. EXPLANATION AND EXAMPLE OF USAGE: "The English language uses many Latin words a ( Full Answer )
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What does mean eg?

Exempli Gratia - by way of example.. latin produces many abbreviations, eg. eg, ie, et al, etc.
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What is the penalty for egging?

The penalty for egging will differ between states and will dependon if there was any damage to property or not. If caught eggingsomeone's property you could be charged with tr ( Full Answer )
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What does egs mean?

Answers 1. As a general question, 'egs' could mean 'examples', because e.g. (Latin exempli gratia ] means example. However, most people would write 'Examples:' rather ( Full Answer )
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What is eg?

Eg is Latin and it is short for examplia gratia, or for example. When one is describing types of things, they use e.g. and then list their examples.
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Why example is written as eg not ex?

Exempli Gratia - Latin Word , meaning "for example".......I think that's the reason we also write eg for example......
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What is Eg of utility software?

An example of utility software include system profiler, networkmanagers, disk defragmenters and so much more. Such software ismainly designed to configure, analyze, maintain a ( Full Answer )
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Ie different from eg?

Yes!!! I.e. is pronounced "that is," and it means "that is," or "in other words." E.g. is pronounced "for example," and it means "for example."
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What is A eg?

eg means example . here is an example : my friend jamie is a good friend eg, she looks after me .etc.
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Eg of stereotypes?

a stereotype is a generalized perception of first impressions: behaviors presumed by a group of people judging with the eyes/criticizing ones outer appearance (or a population ( Full Answer )
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What is the abbreviation of eg?

E.G. is already an abbrevation - the word 'abbrevation' means 'shortening'. The full form of e.g. is something like 'exampliae gratiae' (sorry, can't remember my schoolboy Lat ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of ie and eg?

ie stands for id est, which is Latin for "that is". eg stands for exempli gratia, which is Latin for "for example".
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Can you get arrested for egging people's houses?

Yes, you can get arrested and sued. Some people don't take kindlyto vandalism of the expensive exteriors of their homes. Egging private and public property is illegal in most ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of eg?

I heard it's Example Given, but I've also heard it's a Latin expression, exempli gratia, which means for example.
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What does the term eg mean in a sentence?

'For example'. "There are many useful things you can do with an internet connection e.g. answer questions on". Answer . The letters stand for the Latin expr ( Full Answer )
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Is EG at beginning of sentence grammatical?

No, not really, though in casual style you could do it. "Eg." means "for example", and that would be an awkward thing to start a sentence with.
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How do you use eg in a sentence?

There are several species of hawks, e.g. harris, red-tailed, cooper's, sparrow, etc. "e.g." is for when you want to make a list of examples.
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What color can dogs be eg black?

it depends how you breed them eg colours but i would say any think like pink lol glad to help xx c xx
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Can eg iconicz make jtags?

eG iCoNiCz can make jtags and is doing 10th lobbies for free daily add him as a friend if you wnt 10th it is not fake i have been in 1 of his lobbies.
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What does EG mean in latin?

It means "Exempli Gratia" in Latin - which translates to English as "By way of example."
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Can you use eg as a word in scrabble?

No, 'EG' as normally used in the English language is an abbreviation, and not suitable as a scrabble word.
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What are some words that end with eg?

3-letter words beg, keg, leg, peg, reg, seg, teg, veg 4-letter words dreg, gleg, skeg 5-letter words repeg, squeg, unpeg 6-letter words bowleg, dogleg, ma ( Full Answer )
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Why rajahmundry is not center for EG?

Rajahmundry is one of the big cities in andhra pradesh . it is bigger than guntur; kakinada, warangal in coming days it has facilities like multiplex, star hotels,and it is a ( Full Answer )
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What is a Honda Civic EG?

92 - 95 civic hatchback (JDM) The EG6 is the right hand drive Japanese model off the USDM 92 - 95 dx, si etc.
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What is force with eg?

Force is a concept and is invisible. An example will be that you use to pull apart two magnets that are stuck together. That effort to pull the two magnets apart is a force. ( Full Answer )
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What is a 12 eged 2d shape?

A 2D 12 sided shape is called a Dodecagon And it's called a Dodecahedron if it's 3D.
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How do you start KTM EGS?

the 400 egs-e and the 600 egs-e are electric start. i think they also had a kick start for if the battery dies, but we pull the lever off so it doesnt get caught on stuff.
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Can a eg hood fit a crx?

If you are talking about a simple bolt on matter with an EF crx. the short answer is no. EG hood is wider & longer than the EF crx hood. But with enough money & fabrication wo ( Full Answer )
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What is a eg of a solution?

two e.g of each group solution suspension and colloids and the names for each group
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Who egged Simon cowell?

Natalie Holt came on stage along with the backing singers during Richard and Adams performance on the final of Britains Got Talent. Natalie was a viola player in the orchestra ( Full Answer )
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Charging by friction eg?

When we rub the hair with a comb then charges could be produced on the comb. When this comb is taken near by a bit of paper then that piece would be attracted towards the char ( Full Answer )
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Is it 'for eg' or only ' eg'?

Its only "eg".Its derived from Latin word "exempli gratia" which in english translates to for example.
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What has the author Vilhelm Ege written?

Vilhelm Ege has written: 'Contributions to the knowledge of the north Atlantic and the Mediterranean species of the genus Paralepis Cuv' -- subject(s): Paralepis