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Why is John the Baptist symbol a egale?

John the Baptist has several symbols including a lamb with a cross (in John's Gospel he refers to Jesus as "the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world") and also the (MORE)
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What is the compition of American Egale?

at an American egale STORE DUHH but you can go in the oviedo mall and its in there its right off by target i don't no go online and fine it o nevermind my bad CALLME I ama gir (MORE)
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How many Super Bowls did the egales win?

The Eagles have never won the Super Bowl. Both times they have been to the title game, they lost. . Super Bowl XV Oakland Raiders - 27 (Jim Plunkett, Stanford) Philadelphia E (MORE)
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In golf what is an egale?

It is when you get 2 strokes below par on 1 hole. For example 3 on a par 5 or 2 on a par 4
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What does a bald egale eat?

mice, snakes, and other kinds of very small animals
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Why wont the egales fly near where the men live?

The eagles, having no immediate allies, do not wilfully go and help out others. Gandalf was the only reason the eagles helped out the Company. The Eagles would make off with t (MORE)
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How do you spell egale?

u spell it like this: eagles
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What color is a egale?

egales are many different colours but mostly brown and white
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Can egale lay eggs?

Yes If they could not, there would be no eagles
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What is the modern term for the word 'egal'?

The most modern term for "egal" comes from its definition, equal. Some modern synonyms include "equivalent", "proportional", "corresponding" and "identical".
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Why is the bald Egale shown on the dollar bills?

Way back when the US was being formed, someone suggested having anational animal to represent the United States. Ben Franklinsuggested naming the turkey as the national animal (MORE)